Tesla’s exciting new products – Elon Musk on Q1 Earnings Call (Ep. 586)

TSLA Q1 2022 revenues call highlights. Listen to complete teleconference here:

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Tesla’s exciting new products – Elon Musk on Q1 Earnings Call (Ep. 586)

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  1. simply mindblowing….cybertruck volume production in 2023 and robotaxi by 2024…these are super bullis signs…simply loved it…..tesla is a fkn emotion

  2. After today I won’t be tuning into these earnings calls. They’re too long and cumbersome. It’s so much easier and clearer to just listen to Dave for 7 minutes.

    1. It was worthwhile to listen to both. Dave just clarified somethings for me, like my not knowing what position Zac (CFO) holds in the company because he didn’t say so when he started speaking.

  3. The robotaxi will allow aging boomers and everyone else to be more independently mobile. I was at an office recently and there was a young guy who had just had tooth surgery. He was waiting for an Uber ride to take him home. At certain times, it’s impossible to get an Uber because of demand etc., but with a robotaxi that has no driver, it potentially can solve that problem. Thanks, Elon, for helping humanity to thrive in the future.

    1. So true. I’ve been stranded more than once with every Uber tied up. The demand is super strong (and some (like me) do not like nor do I EVER use regular taxis).

  4. Thanks Dave for being so concise. Simple to understand – clarity of thoughts, time saved for viewers. Much respect.

  5. Sitting on a Pile of Cash (Approaching 20 Billion as of today) and only 0.1 Billion of Debt. Then adding a Billion Dollars of Net Profit each month and growing. This company has all it needs to achieve it stellar goals.

  6. I found it very interessiert, how quickly the board turned away from any questions, what Tesla will do with all the free cash in the future. Probably there already is a (master-)plan. My wish: use the money to buy shares from SpaceX, boring company, etc.

  7. Another, off-the-charts performance by Tesla! Tesla’s rate of innovation and growth prospects make other companies seem pedestrian like in their execution!

  8. News are beyond great, as they’ve been so many times. Yet, knowing Wall Street mentality, you just gotta laugh at that the fact that they still don’t know and sometimes just don’t want to price in any or most of these news into Tesla’s PT’s.
    There’s a slight change in perception and energy towards the company, no doubt. But still sooo slow. Which is good for us who’re laser focused on adding shares and in for the Long Term.

  9. These Dave Lee podcasts are youtube Gem Quality. Informative, direct, clear, straight to the point, concise, efficient. This is the best of the best. Thanks, Dave.

  10. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the great quarterly review. I’m find myself a bit concerned because
    Tesla’s awesome YTD performance is not translating in profit for its shareholders.
    Tesla stock is off its highs despite two historic quarterly reports and two gigafactorys coming online.
    What more does this company have to do?

    1. In terms of stock share price? Friendly advice: don’t expect Wall St. to make sense of the same data that you do; they only care about the short term.

      Thinking long-term is the advantage that long-term retail shareholders have over Wall St. day traders. If you can make a guesstimate price of future share value and compare that today’s price, then you can make an educated investment thesis about where to put your investment dollars.

  11. Great point at the end, Dave. Tesla, the team, is on the same page. I want individual stats. I’d like to see Tesla Trading Cards with bio & stats of all the important Tesla players. 🤖🧡

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