Tesla, Twitter, Recession as Opportunity w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 704)

I'm joined by Emmet Peppers as we talk about Tesla Semi shipment event, Twitter, Tesla risks, market, and future of media.

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Tesla, Twitter, Recession as Opportunity w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 704)

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  1. I don’t think Frans’s comment about the best product being the new one is understood correctly. I think he is just more focused on whatever new thing they are doing is the best thing because its going to be better then the previous products, its not about a specific car.

  2. The slow ramp makes sense to work out any real world challenges. Tesla will have data over the next year and will be able to implement the necessary changes to keep quality of production at a high level. Trucking industry has specific laws regarding logs, rest periods, ability to adapt to weather conditions (chains) and weigh stations. Many of these laws will have to be rewritten for self driving since they address driver fatigue. A Semi with FSD will be able to drive longer each day, but how does highway patrol pull over one of these trucks if needed? Trucks driving across state lines may encounter different state laws regarding FSD. This is why I think it will be a while before you will see Semi trucks w/FSD driving coast to coast.

  3. as long as the labor market is strong and it is, don’t see any recession, I sense alot of unnecessary worry and fear, imo

    1. Unfortunately I believe the fed has stated they need much higher unemployment to destroy demand and drop inflation so Until then I see rising interest rates – this is all stated by the fed itself 🙁

    2. @jgoemaat Correct, the Fed will not relent until the labor market has been decimated, and the economy is undeniably in a deep recession.

  4. Product experience, usefulness, utility is important and not using data to manipulate people’s behavior only to capture money. Data to empty their pockets turns to evil intentions.

  5. I feel you Emmett on the exponential (chaotic) news infusion. Yet, I’d rather have access than not. This news trend is the evolving new normal – for our agile progeny.

  6. Sad to see that even Tesla bulls start to become extremely bearish on the stock. Tesla Stock lost momentum and multiple price cuts in China, shrinking backlogs and Rob Maurer reporting that Tesla might cut capacity in China starts to make me believe that we Tesla Shareholders will be doomed 2023. Unfortunately ☹

  7. Re: the van. Most tradesmen would likely prefer an electric van to the Cybertruck. The van is a self contained electrified workshop. I think that the van space is a huge commercial market, whereas the Cybertruck will be more attractive to the sportsman or weekend warrior.

    1. Agree. Truck usually doesn’t have enough storage space unless you tow a trailer.. and that’s a hassle for most. I still reserved a cyber truck 😂 hopefully the triangular shape and the cover gives a bit of xtra space

    2. My advertising friend who has made commercials for Ford for 30 years says the CT will be the Edsel of Tesla. “It won’t destroy Tesla, but it’ll be a flop,” he insists. He could be right. It might be most truck types are too stuck in the mud and want something that “looks like a truck.”

  8. Both risk and opportunity. It’s a little crazy to go all in on options during large wars but there’s more upside than down isn’t there?

  9. Hello Dave, I’m a class A CDL truck driver and have over 8 years experience. I think you guys are forgetting that the next largest opportunity for Tesla semi is not full self driving autonomy, but rather platooning with one class A truck driver in the lead with 2 fully loaded Tesla semi’s in platoon mode following the lead truck, IMO. 3 times the cargo for the price of one professional driver

    1. @Mickey MookGood question but our country is already in a severe shortage for commercial professional drivers. We (Drivers) and our economy NEED this, now.

    2. @Alex Arthur the current FMCSA requirements for doubles and triples is the letter t and throughout the country there are many restrictions as to where doubles and triples can be operated. Like interstates and highways. This would not be something that is allowed in my opinion on City or rural streets. Simply take the Convoy to the nearest truck stop and deliver the goods one truck at a time.

    3. @Mickey Mook It will take 20+ years for all the trucks to transition. New people going into the workforce won’t choose truck driving as a profession. I saw it with my dad working with the state. His job no longer exists because of computers, but no one complains because it’s just standard progress. And most would be like, “someone did that by hand!”

    4. Here in Europe the operators ask the manufacturers when they start to deliver working FSD trucks of any size and range. Just to free up a few thousand drivers which are desperately needed. If you drive on any Autobahn in Europe you will find a truck at least every 200 meters. Sometimes less, often times more when they start to bunch up before a construction site. According to some organizations they miss at least 200.000 drivers in Europe. The first one coming to market and able to mass deliver a working vehicle wins.

    5. @Mickey Mook There’s been such a debilitating shortage of drivers for years. It would take quite a while just to fill the current gap. It’s likely to take years for the labor disruption to be felt.

  10. If Elon doesn’t want to be CEO of Tesla, it would be great if he could appoint someone who DOES want to be ! Someone who DOES care about the stock price. Someone interested in helping us poor impoverished, under the water investors !

    1. Tesla needs a monumental level of scaling and other companies are catching up in securing materials contracts while musk is using TSLA brains on Twitter projects. He needs to focus on TSLA or leave space for someone else to take over.

  11. It saddened me when the conversation took a dark turn. There is not a war between right and left at present. Reality has shown a very large percentage of the violence does not come from the left but the right. A large percentage of Tesla owners in California are left leaning politically. Let’s not focus on worst case scenarios but stay focused on the future transition to renewable energy. I do think both sides needs to rise above the echo chambers of tribal doctrine. In that way the potential for Twitter can be positive with fair moderation policies that are respectful of both sides. Once Elon finds a good CEO for Twitter, establishes a solid content management committee, and a security team the better. His focus is best served in getting the world off oil/natural gas as soon as possible. Dave good title there is both a risk and a opportunity. The outcome once again comes down to how things are executed at Twitter, Tesla, Boring and Space X.

  12. Hi Dave
    I don’t think Elon is saying what is on his mind.

    He has thought through deeply on what he wants to happen in humanity.

    He is thinking at the level what good things he can do for humanity with the support of his employees and his supporters.

  13. I absolutely agree with Emneth over his concerns over the media subject. It has the same effect on me and can feel the like it is smothering me. I think that people have an enormous addiction to this social media thing and its connection to the money generating side and people don’t care how it affects their views.

  14. imo they didn’t talk about FSD for the Semi because they didn’t wanna spook the drivers. What driver would want the company they work for to buy a potential FSD truck that may or may not put them out of their job.

  15. When you work for a company and you are outspoken I learned in my company that kind of thinking rubs your co-workers wrong, You have few that side with you while many think you are stupid, I am that outspoken person that end up fighting with my co-workers and boss. Luckily I was right and the rest of the team was wrong. It still doesn’t make friends, mean while you have helped your customers by righting a wrong, As they say when you make friends you make enemies that’s life

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