Tesla Stock is Overvalued. Or Not. (Ep. 597)

Is Tesla simply another car company? Or is Tesla revolutionizing transport with transformative products, earnings growth, high operating margins and numerous big addressable markets.

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Tesla Stock is Overvalued. Or Not. (Ep. 597)

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  1. Yes this is 10x! Dave is so polite laying out the rational that Tesla is not a typical car company. The family clips are great! Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Hey Dave I appreciate the video but I think you should also talk about how there is upside on tesla mkt cap even without bullish assumptions on fsd or super aggressive elon numbers. For example: 10 million annual ev prod, 40k avg asp, 25% OP, operating multiple of 20 -> gives a 2 trillion market cap. Now consider that any FCF profits from improved FSD, tesla bot, tesla big data server tech, tesla chip tech, tesla energy are bonuses on that moderate 2 trillion market cap. Just goes to show there is still upside even from today’s prices.

  3. Thank you so much for your excellent videos. Your insight is unparalleled and I appreciate it very much.

  4. Amazon is another great example, for years shorts thought the company was overvalued… The online shopping division has a tiny margin. What people don’t realize and it cannot be measured is culture and brand. Legacy company culture Doesn’t encourage calculated risk taking and looks at failure as a very bad thing. The culture doesn’t empower employees to innovate for fear of being wrong or looking stupid. The culture not only affects their ability to innovate but also the ability to attract and retain top talent. Where do you think the top electrical engineer graduates from Stanford wanna work, GM, F or TSLA?

    1. Also the reinvestment. Take stuff like the Supercharger Network. If they had not done this, their margins would have been higher. But now this investments turns out great results

    2. Amazon stock is priced for the here and now. How come Tesla is valued a decade into the future? Overvalued that’s y

  5. Thanks Dave, but really, I’d save my breath. Seeking Alpha is entitled to their opinion, like Gordon Johnson. Sometimes, you just have to ignore them, and prove them all wrong by performing as outlined in Tesla Impact Report 2021.

  6. Toyota launched the Hybrid 25 years ago and today – 25 years later – is heavily advertising it to be the future. Ridiculous

    1. It is a better economic solution right now given where infrastructure is and price of EV’s. Toyota did just release some EV’s though.

    2. @Jon McCravy No it isn’t. A hybrid is just another combustion car. Hybrids will be seen as a bizarre footnote in transport history.

  7. Super Helpfull___l agree on almost all assumptions/modelling. Great presentation___hope it clears the way forward, by giving greater clarity to future Tesla aspirations and goals.

  8. Excellent video Dave, sets things/ideal out clearly, easy to see Tesla way higher. Enjoy the holiday

  9. Thanks Dave! Life is more than just money. The end footage that give us a glimpse of your trip in Grand Canyon. Its just so fulfilling watching it.

  10. So many people are upset over the implosion of the high growth sector. It’s so obvious that companies with no earnings should not be trading at astronomical levels with negative PEs. Tesla is not in that category as they have solid growth in the top and bottom lines.

    1. TSLA had what appeared to be insane valuation and no earnings no to long ago.
      And Amazon had no earnings for like 15 years and had an insane valuation. They had a pe of 3000 once.

  11. Amazon is trading at a Forward PE of 43 and a good chunk of that is due to profits from AWS. Tesla with DoJo and the AI training tools they have built for FSD can set up a similar service business for AI training and cloud applications potentially undercutting AI computing costs relative to AWS. I expect that the first large outside customer for such a service will be Twitter which will spearhead the commercialization of DoJo as a service. What do you think?

  12. Dave, really good, easy to understand valuation video. You’re right – if people want to value Tesla as a car company they’re likely never to get it. Your holiday clips are really sweet!

  13. Thanks Dave, the splendid nature vision in front is bringing the best out of you. Relax, but I know you cannot relax, just stay your well balanced self and keep your common sense coming. I am not an analyst or a financial mogul. but from my modest knowledge, sincerely I don’t see another genius on the horizon capable to bring out so many life rabbits from Elon Musk magic cylinder of innovative thinking and magical execution, like Elon is capable of . The dumbest thing one can do is to sell or short Tesla stock. It has so many positives in front to look forward to, but I fail to see any significant competition to its magnificent cars and profitable unmatched business blueprint for decades to come. Yea, the valuation will play its roller coaster ride like the rest of the market, But the fundamentals for Tesla are so sound and so profitable, that has incinerated all the ‘Tesla Killers’ that have so far tried to slow down this magnificent club of probably the planet best minds, destined in the future to stupefy us times and again.

  14. Very well explained. Many thanks from your fellow Tesla investors who benefit from your hard work. Enjoy your travels!

  15. Thank you Dave! It’s a great explanation! And thank for sharing your camping experience! Enjoy your trip 😊

  16. I like to say: “If it’s not obvious to you, it’s not for you”

    This principle perfectly describes peoples incompetence and lack of knowledge in a topic.

    It’s easy to just “talk”. It’s hard to analyze and make it make sense.

    That’s why whoever “gets it, gets it” and wins.

    Saying that “Tesla is just an auto company” completely discredits the potential that the company has in terms of energy, AI, technology, etc.

    It also discredits Elons competence.

    People are stupid.

  17. So nice to see you spending time with your family. Much more important than anything else. Keep going and enjoy. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  18. I learn so much from your videos, as well as renewing my conviction in Tesla all the time. Thanks for everything Dave

  19. I don’t have FSD, but I use auto pilot for most of drive and it’s amazing! I wish Tesla would give new cars a few months free trial. That would convince so many drivers!

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