Tesla Stock is a BIG BUY because of THIS says Goldman Sachs (Ep. 633)

Why Goldman Sachs is bullish on Tesla stock TSLA:
# 1: Tesla's costs are headed lower
# 2: Tesla is a winner from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
# 3: Tight EV supply supports higher rates, earnings.

Goldman's investment thesis on Tesla: "We believe that Tesla, given its management position in EVs (including its vertical integration and tight coupling of software and hardware, in addition to its environment of charging stations and brand name), and its focus on tidy transport more broadly (provided its solar and storage organizations) is well placed to profit from the long-lasting shift to EVs. We expect Tesla to expand margins in the intermediate term as it ramps the crucial Model Y item as well as new factories in Berlin, Germany and Austin, Texas, and in the long-lasting as it increases its mix of software application income.".

Post on Mark Delaney's expert note on TSLA:.

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Tesla Stock is a BIG BUY because of THIS says Goldman Sachs (Ep. 633)

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  1. Great to hear about the work you’re doing with refugees, warms my heart Dave ! Canada is really showing the way with their humanitarian immigration policies.

  2. Thanks for sharing your analysis Dave. I lived in Boulder for 17 years and spent lots of time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Sounds like an incredible summer trip your having with your family. Be well….

  3. When you think that a youtube video can’t get any better as the video is ending comes the special treat! Good Job Dave!
    Your kids will become great personalities and you will be a prouder father.

  4. Wall Street is getting more bullish about Tesla stock, but greater optimism among analysts hasn’t been enough to lift the price, given fear of higher interest rates.

    On Sunday, Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney increased his price target for Tesla stock to $1,200 from $1,125, while maintaining a Buy rating. Delaney also named Tesla a top pick for 2022.

    Delaney believes Tesla is the leader in electric vehicles and that EV trends are poised to accelerate in 2022.

    And the trends in the industry appear favorable. EVs’ shares of new-car sales in China hit 20% late in 2021, while the figure in Europe is running above 10%. EV penetration in the U.S. is only at about 3% of new-car sales, but there are more EV models reaching the U.S. market this year, including pickup trucks such as the Ford Motor (F) F-150 Lightning, the Rivian Automotive (RIVN) R1T and, of course, the Tesla Cybertruck.

  5. Great point on people sleeping on robotaxi based on its current fault. Investment is about the future, thus looking at rate of change (FSD in this case) is more important than looking at current state (and its current fault).

  6. Thank you Dave. Wish it will play out according to this script and tensions between China and the US will be chilled

  7. kudos for travelling the national parks, to wallow in that reality is healthy!
    love your videos, so informative, thx for sharing.

  8. Spot on Dave. Analysts do not appear to factor ongoing revenue for Tesla’s valuation. Enjoy your trip! Opportunity to share a walkthrough of your mobile rig. Be well. Thank you!

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