“Tesla Stock: How Sell-side and Buy-side Analysts Influence Your Investment (Ep. 737)

My take on Tesla's Q3 delivery number announcement, impact on TSLA stock rate, economic outlook, and more.

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"Tesla Stock: How Sell-side and Buy-side Analysts Influence Your Investment (Ep. 737)

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  1. Dave always great to have your opinion amongst all the amateur opinions. Prayers for your wife. I hope she is healing.

  2. Glad to see you back. In my experience trying to deal solely with the negative or bad things in your life is a mistake, you need other routines and something else to do as well. Maintaining other routines, and more fun relationships, will help you be more mentally stable and help you maintain a positive outlook. It will provide alternate POV’s, and very likely help you solve or deal with the bad and negative stuff in a better way. Best of luck.

  3. Superb to have you back, love your snappy and insightful videos. I had never heard of buy and sell side analysts! ❤

  4. The big news today in the announcement was maintaining the 2023 delivery target. Big Q4 coming up after factory upgrades.

    1. So, will there be the 475k in Q4 needed to make the 1.8m number for ’23? Will continued RE oversupply lower housing prices enuf to moderate interest rate pressures? Will the Fed try to avoid exacerbating an election year recession? Regardless, relative to all other car makers, Tesla’s exceptional across-the-boards leads should make things quite breezy for them, one year out, despite how macros evolve, further accentuating their beta. Therefore, > 2% of my portfolio is destined for LEAPS.

  5. Dave, great explanation for the stock movement today. I never thought about the different motivation for the analyst. Thanks. Best wishes to you and your family!!

  6. As always, very precise and to the point. Glad to see you back, best wishes to you and family. Hope your wife is on the path of recovery.

  7. Dave, great to have you back, always pleasure to see your views. God bless your family, and all of the best to your wife’s recovery and healing.

  8. Hoping your wife is on the path to recovery. Thank you for all your brilliant work. Love to your family ❤❤❤

  9. Thank you. This kind of rational dialogue based by knowledge is exactly why I follow your channel. Clarifying the statistics and what they mean is very appreciated. This is the ‘real media.’

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