Tesla reports record earnings – The Breakdown (Ep. 585)

Tesla reported Q1 2022 earnings. Check out the shareholder letter,

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Dave Lee on Parenting,.

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Tesla reports record earnings – The Breakdown (Ep. 585)

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  1. My favorite part of earnings is listening to what Dave and the rest of the gang has to say about what we read. I look forward to your thoughts after the call Dave.

  2. Hey Dave I really appreciate your messaging and your presence in the blogosphere – where truth lives. Retired with military injuries but former lawyer, banker and cap markets consultant. Favourite Elon quote today… “amateurs talk about tactics, professionals talk about logistics…when it comes to war.” Says everything. These are grown ups. Grabbed some on sale at $977 today. Woo hoo. Cheers Dave

  3. Tesla holding up very well, considering overall market troubles and world situation. Great analysis Dave. Thanks much.

  4. Very nice earnings report. Really looking forward to info on the stock split. Thanks Dave for your inputs, you do a great job of making it understandable.

  5. Hey Dave, Great video as always! Just kindly pointing out that in some videos we can hear a sort of clinging sound. I think it might be your tablet banging against the microphone stand.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for the clear summary dave and great job to Tesla! I lost most of my shares awhile back selling covered calls too aggressively, but nonetheless only hope for the best for Tesla. No doubt it will become the most valuable company in the world. Hope to get back to my original share count soon. Cheers

  7. Well done Dave and massive thanks. Hoping you can carry on with the family road trip soon mate!

  8. Thank you Dave for the detail summery. Your analysis is always reliable and concise to the point. Any word on the split?

  9. I just came back from camping in Santa Cruz and I am so glad to see this summary from you. Thanks so much Dave!! Of course, not only this videos!

  10. Clear evidence legacy auto has given up on EV’s, paying Tesla more reg credits so they don’t have to make compliance vehicles, like the Mustang Mach-Eww.

  11. Thanks Dave, 32.9% that is just crazy. Once they can keep up with demand I can see them dropping the price and continue crushing the competition.

  12. Excited for Tesla’s future Should I buy before split or after split? Too hard to decide. I‘ll do both.

    1. As with any big financial decision, it’s important to keep your guard up for economic risks. However, smart planning, time management and seeking advice from a financial adviser can help keep you and your money safe.

    2. @James comb Thank you so much for this referral. Lately i’ve been thinking on how to balance between saving and living.

    3. @James comb Out of curiosity I looked her up and surprisingly she seems really proficient. I can see she has worked with top notch companies like Newport Group Securities, I appreciate this.

    4. @clark you do t need a broker .. Tesla won’t fail . Elon never fails . He is revolutionizing the EV industry . .

  13. I loved the part on the conference call from Andrew Baglino, ” we’ve also figured out that we can use wheels from practically any car. Yes, yes. So, we’re going to be recycling the casting aluminum wheels from legacy gasoline cars as well and throwing that in the melting pot for our aluminum cast body of Model Y. ” Just waiting to see Elon standing over a vat of molten aluminum and him throwing in Toyotoa, VW, Merc, GM etc wheels in for a funny photo op!

  14. From a repair point of view… I wonder what the cost level would bear out with CASTING? Does one need to graft a new casting on in cases of front or rear collisions? Is it a total loss if they cannot repair those parts? I wonder what the insurance industry things of SINGLE CASTING.

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