Tesla Q4 Earnings Call Highlights (Ep. 713)

Tesla reported their Q4 2022 incomes today and held an earrings teleconference. I discuss the crucial highlights.

Listen to profits call:

Check out their investor letter here:
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Tesla Q4 Earnings Call Highlights (Ep. 713)

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  1. Elon said HW3 can reach x2 – x3, HW4 can reach x6 – x7 human reliability and HW5 will do better again.
    He previously said x10 needed for Level 5.
    This is the most honest statement yet that true FSD remains some years away. Disappointing but realistic, I suspect.

    1. We get new hardware version what every 2–3 years. So that means robotaxi 5 years or so, probably more “or so”

  2. As someone who’s very interested in the Tesla product but not having enough time to listen to these facts, I always tune into your summery and always I am never disappointed with your summery so thanks Dave…your a star!

  3. Thanks Dave for the Tesla quarterly recap. Here’s the bottom line…. currently demand has been very strong since the beginning of the year, and will only get better once the Fed pivots. In the meantime, if we have a bad recession some cost could decrease, which would increase profit.

  4. Efficient and jam-packed as usual. Dave, you are my go-to content creator for everything Tesla! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  5. Thanks for making short videos and respecting our time. Rare and few nowadays because most YouTubers drag their videos for monetisation.

  6. Thanks for the summary Dave. …much appreciated..

    2023 is Gonna be one hell of an Year for Tesla 💪💪🥳🥳

  7. Thanks Dave! Your hard work translates into great content. I’m always enlightened and more educated after watching your videos.

  8. Honesty and clarity on the FACTS vs market and talking head FUD …. nice to have places like this channel to turn to.

  9. Dave,
    Your clear and concise analysis is superb. For me, the go-to site after qtr earnings is Dave Lee! Thank you for all you do.

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