Tesla Optimus Robot – Tesla AI Day 2022 In-Depth w/ James Douma #35 (Ep. 676)

Part 1 in our In-Depth Tesla AI Day 2022 series with James Douma. We cover Optimus humanoid robotic and Tesla's method with actuators, joints, hardware, and software.

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Tesla Optimus Robot – Tesla AI Day 2022 In-Depth w/ James Douma #35 (Ep. 676)

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  1. Always great stuff! Just want to clarify: a point of motion (hinge, pivot, linear) does not equal a degree of freedom (DoF). Any active actuator is a DoF. The fingers are a great example. You have a single actuator at the proximal joint, as it moves the 2nd and third phalanx are able to move and are passively compliant (if on segment runs into something it stops then the next segment continues motion…all powered by the single actuator at the proximal / knuckle joint). It is a beautifully simple design, you get what looks like 3 DoF for the price of one! 😉

  2. What impressed me from this conversation is the tooling that Tesla is developing. It’s kind of like SpaceX building Starbase, having the factory to build the rocket/robot is more impressive than the current iteration of the rocket/robot. But, in the case of the robot it is more simulation/design tools as well as the robot software. Optimus is at best at the Starhopper stage, “the watertower that flew”, much, much more impressive stuff to come!

  3. James is a fantastic person to interview on these subjects. In particular, you can observe his enthusiasm that is real. He is also one of the most knowledgeable advocates for Tesla, unintentionally or intentionally. I’m not discounting others, there are a few others, but James astounds me with his knowledge and enthusiasm. If I was Elon, I would look up James birthday and offer him a 2-3 day tour inside the workings of the AI and bot teams. Maybe a NDA would have to be involved for specific things, but I think James would be happier than a kid in the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory. I guess the downside is it could ruin the interviews because it would be hard to define a line between offering his opinions and interpretations without leaking some proprietary information that Tesla doesn’t really want out there, at least yet. It would be like “happy birthday James, but you can’t talk about it”.

  4. I had a thought on the efficiency topic, wondering weather there were any opportunities to have the equivalent of “regenerative breaking”. Like if Optimus lifts up something heavy and then sets it down, when it is lowering the package it could possibly be having power fed back into the battery pack. I think with the choice of actuators and the desire to have them hold their position when not activated, there isn’t a way to do this. But just a thought.

    1. Thought about this again, if we consider that actuators can just apply less torque while gravity assists in lowering a heavy object, then I guess that is equivalent to saving power or feeding back into the battery.

  5. I remember years ago automated equipment used stepper motor setups that allows precision in the movement of the equipment. Are stepper motors still something that could be applicable?

    1. @Chase S. Gastroc is at least common knowledge to gym bros. But man knows about spinal reflexes, proprioception, thenar muscle, and all kinds of random stuff only people in the medical or anatomical field typically think about. Props to him.

    2. Agreed. He clearly is trained in this knowledge and did not just Google it before this interview. Makes his perspective that much more valuable.

  6. Something to ponder on. How much of a stretch would it be to adapt parts of the arms and legs to function as prosthetics for humans. It would not surprise me at all if this possibility were not already considered.

  7. Perhaps this “Optimus Robot Exercise” is so big and deep that it’s inspiring the Tesla manufacturing and AI teams by Optimis’s potential?

  8. James was his usual amazing self. His knowledge and understanding of everything relating to engineering and software is a rare and amazing talent. He’s truly a treasure to have to help us in understanding what is going on with Tesla. Having you with your skills and knowledge asking questions and guiding the conversation is the icing on the cake. You are a great moderator and your patience and guidance only make James skills stand out more. There are many great folks here on YouTube that make videos on Tesla and SpaceX your’s is certainly one of the best. Thanks to both you and James we have a much greater understanding of the incredible engineering that Tesla is giving the world. We live in amazing times and with you and James around we can even have a true understanding of what’s happening. Can’t wait for the upcoming videos with you two.

  9. I’m looking forward to the moment that there are hardly any interventions with FSD, however, that will also introduce accidents with FSD, as drivers will have so much confidence in FSD that they will stop paying attention.

  10. James seems to know a fair bit about human anatomy – down to smaller intrinsic hand muscles like interosseus and lumbricals. This makes his analysis of the bot design that much more valuable – compare humanoid to human.

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