Tesla FSD v12: The Quest for General Driving Intelligence (Ep. 753)

I discuss why Tesla needed to do a complete reword of FSD and more notably, why it must permit them to improve faster and potentially fix autonomous driving.

Narrow Driving Intelligence (NDI) is an approach to autonomous driving where each special driving challenge, or edge case, is fixed individually with a specific service or algorithm. However, this technique does not enhance the car's capability to deal with brand-new, hidden edge cases.

On the other hand, General Driving Intelligence (GDI) intends to develop a holistic driving intelligence that can handle a range of scenarios and new edge cases, much like a human motorist would. It involves producing an enormous neural network that learns from millions of videos of numerous driving circumstances, enabling it to wisely navigate through circumstances and edge cases it's never seen before.

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Tesla FSD v12: The Quest for General Driving Intelligence (Ep. 753)

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  1. Musk gets lots of jabs from various social media and general media over FSD, but I appreciate he was willing to start over again and again with the FSD development. The day FSD is truly ready for the masses, it will transform so many lives, both for those who drive and those who do not. Many legacy builder CEOs are more worried about what Wall Street wants, which is basically more profit now, even if it hurts the future. This is among the key reasons why most builders cannot plan beyond a few years ahead. This is also why real change is so hard for companies like GM, Ford, and VW.

    I am little concerned FSD version 12 is being given to much praise, so people think it will be released to the masses in a couple of months. It is nice to know some non-employees have gotten it, but investors need to not over hype this moment. Government regulations move slow and Musk is a popular political punching bag. I do not see FSD being released out of beta for a couple of more years at the least. I think version 12 is amazing so far and gives great hope, but lawsuit happy world we live in and the FUD spewed on a daily basis, is going to make a quick release out of beta highly unlikely.

    1. The problem is I don’t think it will transform our lives. Young or old I think we will all be dead before fully automated driving is widely available and safe in all conditions.

  2. And here I thought fsd has always been neural net like alphago…Elon talked like fsd was like alphago on autonomy day.. I feel dumb now

  3. FSD needs continual updates especially for each Country if it is supposed to be a Global product not just the US. The cross over point is maybe now that enough input has been given to the Neural Net that means the experience is actually superior to the actual human driver? Will authorities be able to accept this and does it need to be proved first??Will there be versions for each country?? Off road driving is outside the remit at the moment??

  4. Who remebers the movie war games??? …want to play a game?….
    The system ran million of tic-tac-toe simulations. Similar in principle, and prophetic.

    1. Human drivers are not fool proof. Human drivers kill 1,500,000 ppl global every year. FSD will bring that number DOWN!

  5. Sometimes .. I feel like you are wagging the tail along with Elon, like instance of 25% Tesla share, doge coin, Twitter, FSD and removing LIDAR. I would like you to present your true views instead reinforcing everything Elon does. Time to establish middle ground.

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