Tesla FSD v12 Rollout – FIRST THOUGHTS! (Ep. 752)

I go over Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Version 12, a considerable rewrite of their driving software application, transitioning from rule-based coding to a neural network method. This brand-new version is a huge leap, moving from using specific rules to an end-to-end neural internet. I highlight the accomplishments however also note the challenges ahead for the Tesla FSD team.

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Tesla FSD v12 Rollout – FIRST THOUGHTS! (Ep. 752)

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  1. Good seeing you more, and I hope your wife is doing better. I am also struggling with prostate cancer. Hopefully in Mar 2024 the radiation treatment at UCSF will destroy the remaining killer cancer.

  2. I like your analysis which is thoughtful, logical, and concise without throwing huge amount of information. Clearly you have great technical background, and are able to provide concise insight on key technical challenges.

  3. Dave, what do you think of the current inference hardware capabilities? Does it have enough “capacity” to drive perfectly and handle all possible corner cases?

  4. I see an analogy with a driver who has now passed their test but needs experience.
    The learning experience will now be exponentially fast as more data feeds back and is relayed back to rhe collective.
    It’s not just a single driver learning.

  5. Hi Dave, It is a big responsibility, but you deserve the added success of likely inheriting a large share of Rob’s Tesla Daily subscribers, now that he has “retired” from it to focus on his investment endeavor. Good luck Dave!

  6. This is a glimpse into what a “natural” neuro net will look like. provide the data and let IT figure out the rules. Let the algorithm optimize and be there to guide it. Soon enough we wont need to guide it and it will have optimized far better than if we keep trying to teach it with rules.

  7. When FSD really could determine that it can’t handle a situation well, then that’s the first big step to get out of beta. No one expects it to be perfect. We expect it to tell the drive to take over control in time.

  8. Hi Dave, Is it logical to expect Tesla to be updating the FSD model in the future, but not the underlying code? Or at least we should expect the code base to be infrequently updated. Would that be an indication that Tesla is moving closer to the reality of robo taxis and a fundamental shift in the company?

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