Tesla FSD v12.3 – Hits and Misses (Ep. 756)

I require to the streets of central/downtown Austin and reveal some amazing moments where Tesla's FSD Beta v12.3 showing high driving intelligence but also show some moments of doubt and error.

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Tesla FSD v12.3 – Hits and Misses (Ep. 756)

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  1. I am from Austin, this is pretty incredible. It is covering like 99% of the day to day scenarios very well.

    The way it is, I think you can drive hundreds of miles without a disengagement.

  2. Thanks for sharing your v12.3 experience. It looks very impressive. Can’t wait for the update on my car. Is the current rollout limited to US? I’m in Canada.

  3. I notice the same and agree, when Auto speed goes away on highway, you are back to a different stack. I’d guess 11.4.9.

  4. Please post more Dave! I miss your Tesla insights. I’m curious what your thoughts are on AI, FSD, and Optimus competition with OpenAI

  5. Nice to have you back Dave, actully missed your content a lot, hope your family is well. If you find the motivation and time please consider being more active on youtube, dont be afraid to be inspired of some of Rob’s content…

  6. Thanks for sharing. We appreciate it! But Omg why do we still have misses? It should be perfect by now especially in mild conditions.

    1. V12 is a new build and is entirely different from v11, as it is based on neural nets and not heuristics. Thus it has had to retrain from the start. One advantage of v12, however, is that it learns at a much faster rate than v11. It has already overtaken v11 in a fraction of the time. But remember, this is the real world, with countless scenarios to be mastered. I personally believe v12 will show noticeable improvement every 3 months or so.

  7. That spot where you did the first test used to always slow down because of the bridge ices before road sign, nice to see its finally fixed

    1. v11 used to always try to drive into the barrier on the left at 4:50 (driving in the parking lane)

  8. Hey Dave, your take is highly appreciated. Could you maybe with James go into the reasoning re the shift from heuristics to neural nets and why this was not done sooner ? For a layman like me this seemed to be the way to go from the get go. Thanks !

    1. Agree that would be interesting to understand why it wasn’t done sooner…perhaps they knew it was ultimately the way to go but hardware/processing limitations at the time prevented it from being done earlier?

  9. Thanks for the video. It almost looks like FSD is creating a synethic HD maps. Would love to see multiple drivers using different Teslas driving the same routes.

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