Tesla FSD v12.3 – First Impressions! (Ep. 755)

Today, I received Tesla's FSD v12.3 software upgrade in my vehicle. If searching for simply my impressions, skip to 1:16:45 timestamp.

1. Overall, I'm incredibly impressed. Trip quality is far more human-like than v11 with acceleration, braking and turning all much improved.
2. Smart choices – in general, v12.3 made better and smarter choices in difficult circumstances than v11. A number of places where I know v11 would have problem, v12.3 handled with ease.
3. v12.3 dealt with speed bumps completely.
4. Many of my trips today were perfect and precisely how a human would drive. v11 has a rigidity that is gone with v12.3.

Overall, I'm quite blown away by v12.3. I was expecting a variation that was similar to v11 – better in some methods and worse in other ways. But what I've experienced (up until now) is a system that feels far more confident and capable than v11. v12.3 is far from perfect and there's still a great deal of work ahead for Tesla's FSD group but the end-to-end neural net approach looks like it's plainly the ideal approach.

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Tesla FSD v12.3 – First Impressions! (Ep. 755)

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  1. Dave best part was when it missed the right turn at the end readjusted…mind blowing through a parking lot and a left back on track 😅

  2. Good to see you again. Very interesting drives. It’s looking good. Progress is being made.

    1. It’s definitely better than drivers on drugs or alcohol. Maybe Colorado should have waited for FSD in all cars before legalizing hallucinogenics.🤦‍♂️

    2. Just had my 1st trip with v12.3, it is a smoother drive than me. My turns are not consistently as smooth as FSD. I agree with you

  3. Nice video , although you do have a section in twice I think! It’s great to see all the old faces getting v12 and making videos again.

  4. i’ll say it again.
    Best FSD videos on the internet

    You put in a lot of work, it shows and is appreciated.

    Great job bro!

  5. You don’t know how hype I was to see an hour 20 minute video from Dave Lee popup on my homescreen!!!

  6. Thank you soooo much Dave~!
    There’s been so many over-the-top reviews, we really need a clear minded person like you to really test this in an impartial manner.
    No disrespect to the others of course, but you have always carried a rational and careful reputation around so your voice matters.
    Seems like V12.3 is really very close to the edge.

  7. Thanks, Dave, for this one! Your insightful and finely differentiated observations are extremely valuable and informative. But alas, they show also that it may take quite a while until we can enjoy something 12.3-like over here in Switzerland. Best, Carlo

  8. Thank you Dave, most of us miss your well balanced, honest and knowledgeable opinion. I hope that life is starting to be kinder for you and your family.

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