Tesla FSD update, AI Day, TSLA w/ James Douma #30 (Ep. 662)

I'm signed up with by James Douma go over Tesla FSD Beta 10.12.1 update, TSLA stock rate, Tesla AI Day, and Tesla's data benefit.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.12.1 upgrade notes:

1. Updated choice making structure for unprotected left turns with much better modeling of things' action to ego's actions by adding more functions that shape the go/no-go decision. This increases robustness to noisy measurements while being more sticky to decisions within a security margin. The framework likewise leverages median safe areas when necessary to maneuver across big turns and accelerating harder through maneuvers when needed to safely leave the intersection.

2. Improved sneaking for presence utilizing more precise lane geometry and higher resolution occlusion detection.

3. Lowered instances of trying unpleasant turns through better combination with item future predictions throughout lane choice.

4. Updated organizer to rely less on lanes to make it possible for navigating efficiently out of limited space.

5. Increased safety of turns with crossing traffic by enhancing the architecture of the lanes neural network which greatly increased recall and geometric accuracy of crossing lanes.

6. Enhanced the recall and geometric precision of all lane forecasts by including 180k video clips to the training set.

7. Lowered traffic control associated false slowdowns through much better combination with lane structure and enhanced behavior with respect to yellow lights.

8. Improved the geometric precision of road edge and line predictions by including a mixing/coupling layer with the generalized static barrier network.

9. Improved geometric accuracy and understanding of presence by re-training the generalized static challenge network with enhanced data from the autolabeler and by including 30k more videos clips.

10. Enhanced recall of bikes, decreased speed mistake of close-by pedestrians and bicyclists, and reduced heading mistake of pedestrians by adding brand-new sim and autolabeled data to the training set.

11. Enhanced precision of the "is parked" quality on lorries by adding 41k clips to the training set. Resolved 48% of failure cases captured by our telemetry of 10.11.

12. Improved detection recall of far-away crossing items by restoring the dataset with enhanced variations of the neural networks utilized in the autolabeler which increased information quality.

13. Enhanced balancing out habits when maneuvering around automobiles with open doors.
14. Enhanced angular velocity and lane-centric speed for non-VRU items by updating it into network forecasted jobs.

15. Enhanced convenience when lane altering behind cars with extreme deceleration by tighter combination between lead lorries future motion estimate and planned lane change profile.

16. Increased dependence on network-predicted velocity for all moving things, formerly only longitudinally relevant objects.

17. Upgraded close-by car properties with visualization showing when a car has a door open.

18. Better system frame rate +1.8 frames per second by getting rid of three legacy neural networks.

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Tesla FSD update, AI Day, TSLA w/ James Douma #30 (Ep. 662)

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  1. Dave you are awesome. Never thought I’d see this type of beating. Love James he’s very insightful.

  2. Dave I’m glad you’re back. Hope you’re enjoying your RV travels with your fam. I love when James is on. Gives me peace of mind with holding strong and adding to my position in TSLA.

  3. James is the most calming personality of the Tesla community. He’s the only person that seems like he’s from the future and visiting us to tell us how everything is gonna play out. Even Elon doesn’t even give me that “from the future” vibe lol

    1. @BlueToad Its just strange to me to be so attached to an investment!And make your financial future dependent on one company and one” savior”Elon Musk

    2. If i would be invested in Toyota rivian or Lucid ,there would be no way i have to think every day what this companies doing or the CEOs !Ones a year is more them enough!

    3. @Bruno Heggli yes, over reliance on one stock could be regarded as not sound management. And if you’re gonna go down that route then you have to commit to the long term, which probably means not obsessively watching the markets.

  4. My guess about AI day#2 is that they fast-tracked the humanoid robot project. And it grew in scope as well. They probably just want more people for that than they wanted just for FSD.

    1. Tesla only focus should be in accelerating the pace of implementation if that slows down that the red flag

    2. You also probably want to do your hiring more spread out in time to be able to capture more top talent (who are not necessarily willing to switch at all times or simply college graduates)

  5. Always enjoy Dave and James, Thanks for another great discussion. James really excited about 40 seconds in. It was fun to watch

  6. I’d love it if you’d do one of these conversations with James live. You’re both so good together! I’d love to hear what James thinks about the FSD video that Matt & Chris did following each other in their MYs with the same version of FSD (10.12.1), but different performance.

  7. once a driving instructor told me that “watch the tires, see if they’re trying to make a turn before even the signal is given”. it looks like Tesla is already watching the other cars and objects to predict their behaviors, which is really the next level.

    1. Imagine when the many different cameras and logic can start picking up sorts of similar small signals eg the way a head is turned on a rider to see if they’re paying attention. Already it seems Tesla’s can react to 360 degree traffic movements around the car.

    2. To tell if a car is stationary/parked or about to move, I find myself focusing on the wheels as well. It’s much easier to see a slight rotation on a wheel than that a car has moved a few inches. An AI could watch all the wheels all the time.

  8. Thank god for james’ reasoning. I made a comment about how hard a seemingly simple task like folding laundry is to a Tesla YouTuber and he relied no it’s easy we did it in our capstone project. What an incredible lack of awareness

  9. Imagine, if you will, an Optimus robot as a fourth passenger on a dragon capsule to the ISS. What fun.

  10. Dave keeps coming up with one useful video after another filled with insight and intelligence, over and over. His cadence of ideas for videos is super impressive. Thank you Dave.

  11. Honestly I could listen to James and you for hours when you’re talking about all of the different AI issues. FSD is getting deep into the final changes and auto labeling has to be working many times better. And where they are on the Bot we have no idea but soon we’ll be hearing again on what they have done in the last year. Plus we have Dojo in the background and we don’t know where they are with its development. So we have lots of things they will share with us on AI day and it’s amazing how soon we’re getting more information. I’m so stoked to hear what they will have to share with us. It’s a great time to be alive.

  12. Absolutely fascinating, a top episode, and big thanks to James. I particularly liked his comments around 16:08 and 28:15 around the whole ‘works both ways’ paradox, and in his summing up around two steps forward one step back. FSD making solid steps forward it seems, but I’m still puzzled by some curiously basic errors that I’ve seen on here. all the best to you both, thanks again, and now my kitchen is sparkling too!

  13. I’m expecting more videos of you shorting, I’ve been across a few investors that really made it big from shorting, I’m talking about $380,000 in profit within a few weeks and I’d really love to know how and when to short stocks

    1. The average investor buys/holds for long term to make gains when stocks go up, In a situation where you’re after short term profit, it is best to get in touch with a coach or consultant for guidance, I reached out to one this pandemic and through her assistance, I was able to raise a profit of $590K within 3months.

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