Tesla Dojo Supercomputer IN-DEPTH w/ James Douma #36 (Ep. 677)

I'm joined by James Douma and visitors Farzad Mesbahi and Nicolas Gibbs, as we watch Tesla's Dojo presentation and ask concerns.

Dive to 2:09:41 to hear summary thoughts from guests
Dive to 2:36:02 to hear Part 2 thorough look at Tesla Dojo hardware slides with James Douma and Dave Lee

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Tesla Dojo Supercomputer IN-DEPTH w/ James Douma #36 (Ep. 677)

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  1. Would love to see you and James interviewing George Hotz or the CEO of Mobileye and then have James perception compared to Tesla

  2. Great learning experience. Adding time stamps will make this priceless to anyone wanting to advance NN knowledge. Stopping and confirming the lay man’s understanding optimizes education by enforcing understanding. Thank you all! Please consider deeper dives in some of the more technical aspects.

  3. I just found your channel recently. I love how you truly want to understand what’s going on at Tesla, and bring us along for the ride.😃👍

  4. I liked the other method. It was a great interview having Dave ask and James explain. It was tough and long but good stuff. Speed here too fast and funny and vid is too long. Just my opinion.

  5. Great explanations of DOJO James Douma! Thank you for superb analogies of DOJO for non experts! Factories with small warehouses need to be close to the supply factories for max speed!

  6. regarding Dojo equivalent GPU Tesla mentioned that for the auto labeled: 3 Dojo cabinets to replace 72 GPU racks

  7. I would assume the heat would melt the solder and the chip would be floating in puddles of the solder used to fix the connection.

  8. I saw 3:58:01 on the screen and was like DANG, I need to put this on my calendar, lol. Pt 1 was so good, can’t wait to dive into this one. 🙏🏾

  9. For power to put 2 megawatts into perspective it’s approximately 50 midsize houses running up to their service capacity of 150 amps at 240v single phase

  10. Guys, compute power is one thing, Dr Know it all “A fork in the road: Tesla lane prediction uses sentences”, is a video to understand their use of language to make simpler sense of lanes understanding in FSD that has a big importance to advancing the Bot brain understanding of the world.

  11. The invested GPU clusters already on board at Tesla would seem to become more available to handle the cases not optimized by DOJO as they learn the limits of this design choice.

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