Tesla Board to discuss xAI Grok investment – WHAT IT MEANS (Ep. 746)

I discuss my ideas on a posslbe Tesla-xAI collaboration, what it might appear like, and what the implications are.

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Tesla Board to discuss xAI Grok investment – WHAT IT MEANS (Ep. 746)

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  1. Dave, I’m curious… what do you think is required to achieve AGI?

    You seem to imply that it’s mostly a product of compute power and LLMs.

    Unfortunately, there’s more to this than the two. See Yann LeCun, Gary Marcus, Joascha Bach, François Chollet or anyone that’s not invested in the LLM craze that’s ongoing.

    The current drama just seems like a chase for fool’s gold.

    Honestly doesn’t even seem as if people care about AGI so long as the company they’ve invested in (i.e. Tesla, Microsoft, etc) makes money.

    1. LLM’s lack the higher cognitive functions (abstract thinking, creativity, memory) necessary for generalization. Pattern recognition alone isn’t sufficient. Until we can understand and digitally recreate the neural structures/processes that permit those cognitive functions AGI will remain out of reach.
      I believe these companies are aware of these limitations but would rather profit from the hype.

  2. Of the AI companies, who has the largest data set for the development of real-world AI? And were Tesla falls in this space? More precisely, does tesla have enough traing data?

  3. xAI and OpenAI partnership would be great… but didn’t a few grenades fall on the bridge between Elon and a few of the leaders at OpenAI ? If that’s the case, there’s no way Elon would extend a hand , in my opinion

  4. 1) GAi may decentralize itself by distributing its code into the internet of things. No unplugging that.
    2) Can Tesla cameras grab informational data from the streets besides for fsd?

  5. I think AI chips need to go down the analog route.
    Why, because lower complexity for application specific things such as autonomous driving and humanoid bots.
    The neuron the current NN are based on is an over simplification of the actual brain.
    The brain has many kinds of neurons and each neuron has different analog functions that enable efficient implementation of information processing and memory.
    Most neurons in the human brain are equivenlent to an 80 layer digital NN 😮

  6. We don’t need to over complicate this, Tesla will benefit a great deal with Xai , both bots and auto FSD and Xai can grow faster with $ from Tesla . It would be a plus-plus match

  7. 07:32 Possible partnership between Tesla and XAI, and the need for compute power.
    15:04 Tesla’s possible monetary investment into XAI
    22:36 Elon Musk will discuss with the board the possibility of investing in XAI, as he needs the board’s approval to make the decision.
    30:08 Tesla and XAI need a partnership for the future of AI and LLMs.
    37:40 Tesla investing in XAI could be a significant long-term opportunity for the company.
    45:12 Tesla’s partnership with XAI involves investment, partnership, and sharing of IP.
    52:44 Tesla is focused on internal use and scaling of dojo, not immediate commercialization.
    1:00:11 Tesla’s strong mission and board make it an interesting steward of AGI.
    Crafted by Merlin AI.

  8. TSLA should have a small AGI division in house. Anything expensive or critical important, developed in house. Or else Tesla in investor will hold the bag.

  9. Where does the government come in? The internet was created by the government. Now this can be used by the government for knowledge fast. Makes me think about governments playing chess with a computer.

  10. I think that to this point the bandwidth and memory needs for training are too great to efficiently do it with a decentralized architecture.

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