Tesla AI, Optimus & Stock Crash w/ Steven Mark Ryan (Ep. 673)

I'm signed up with by Steven Mark Ryan as we go over Tesla AI Day, Optimus humanoid robot, Elon Musk, the future of AI, and TSLA.

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Tesla AI, Optimus & Stock Crash w/ Steven Mark Ryan (Ep. 673)

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    1. @Rob Coons Yeah, that would be badass. A bunch of tech people have gotten into racing cars: John Carmack, Jon Van Caneghem come to mind.

  1. Your early interviews were so painful to watch. Now you are one of my favorite interviewers. Keep up the great work!

  2. Both my favorite guys in one Video! ❤️ Love to hear your “outside of the box” thoughts and opinion’s 🙂

  3. Love both of you. Thanks for your insights and keeping fud out of us and keep us focused long term. 😊

  4. Thank you!
    Optimus is World Changing…makes Hyundai owned Boston Dynamic robots stagnant…My take after 58 times round the sun and very early retirement thanks to 2008 crash😎

  5. First question right off the bat. SMR answered that to perfection. Outstanding insight. This man gets it, Dave lee gets it, most Tesla retail investors get it and I have no doubt engineers get it. So proud to be a Tesla investor right now.

    AI Day was a huge success. Stop comparing the bot to the other bots out there. It doesn’t make sense to. Comparison is the thief of joy. Two things, nobody is building the brain like Tesla is and nobody has the manufacturing prowess to build bots at scale at a reasonable speed and at a reasonable price

  6. This was their second AI recruiting event, where Tesla indirectly showed the results of the ‘first’ AI recruiting event. I look forward to the recruiting results from AI Day 2022

  7. I think with regard to the bot the manufacturability is the most important aspect. The cheaper the bot is, the less smart it has to be to be useful for saving money at one task or another. And the NN and training getting more sophisticated over time is pure upside. A 20K bot that can only move boxes around is already a multi-million dollar product.

  8. It will take an AI 2023 revel for many to understand the potential of Optimus. To me, it is like flipping a dump into a home, and seeing the vision while trying to explain the vision to someone who can’t see it yet. AI 2023 will help many to fully understand the vision.

    1. I second this! I love the convergence of very different personalities and temperaments coming together based on research and first principles thinking.

  9. Just want to say this is the second time I’ve seen SMR interviewed here by Dave, and I like Steve way more when he is interviewed than I like him on his own channel. He’s on good behavior, acting the way his parents raised him to act. On his own channel he doesn’t have to be respectful, and he acts like a frat house bully, and he lets his politics show through way too much. (Which I don’t agree with so that annoys me) I like grown-up mature Steve much better.

  10. Love to see Steven’s real personality vs his YouTube channel persona! Both are enjoyable but like this side a little more.

    1. Same! I can show my parents this version of SMR… another note, it is hilarious seeing him pause to hold back his satire and inappropriate jokes 😂

    2. You got that right. SMR is successful despite his “twisted” sexual slant to everything. The data, and the research is superior to other presenters but still I say Go SMR Go!

    3. I like his general take and when he is informative. He is a smart guy with an interesting take on things. But you really have to sort through the negativity and bashing for the nuggets.

  11. Man , you guys hit the nail on the head ! I honestly think Elon is THE ONLY person who I trust with this spectacular future!
    We don’t need totalitarian midwits to get a hold on technological progress!
    Thanks Dave and one of the smartest YouTubers around SMR ! ❤

  12. Stevens first comment was spot on – “they are going to do it” (They really will make an affordable humanoid robot) But brokers struggle to see that far ahead and market disruption impact.

  13. I don’t think it will take as long as you guys think. Aggressively recruiting brilliant engineers is a master stroke. Because of the growing synergistic brain trust within Tesla, I suspect they will make some fundamental breakthroughs in the next year or two that will lead to very some disruptive technologies and products very soon thereafter.

    1. I agree, I think there will be some “base use ” cases, almost “as is”. With a bit better walking – it is already capable of transmitting video to a control centre, and in hostile environments – leaking gases, potential or actual fire, smoke. Uses like perimeter surveillance, natural disaster scenarios, remote mechanical inspection /monitoring, possibly even human rescue by delivering some eg. breathing equipment. Add in some basic “out of spec” reporting, and some basic physical manipulation – turn a valve, switch a switch, unlock / lock a room – really these “simple” use cases are potentially more valuable than “burger flipping” or “taking out the trash”. Humans in hazardous environments need all sorts of training, gear and monitoring equipment to stay safe. These bots can just go straight in…

  14. This literally put a smile on my face when I first got the notifications. Literally, the only two YouTube channels I watch on Tesla 🚀🌛

    1. Doesn’t sound the smartest. I also watch these guys, but there are others as well you should watch. Tesla Daily, Tom Nash, for example.

  15. Dave lee with an epic video today with steven at the time we needed this the most. Perfect timing. Well done Dave.

  16. SMR’s rawness has definitely made some Tesla YouTubers skittish to acknowledge him. Mad respect to Dave for having such an illuminating conversation with him — for a second time, no less. I respect the hell out of the way Dave and Steven think.

    1. @Daniel Stoica It’s hard to tell if his channel persona is authentic or just a branding technique. Kinda like a shock jock if that’s the right term.

    2. Yet neither Dave or Steven have a clue about AI. Nor do you. Get back to us after you have a decade or two of full-time work in the field. (Just to be clear, that’s after you finish you doctorate).

    3. “SMR” is what we call an ‘arrogant putz’ in the hood. He may be bright, though he throws that into sharp question by endless derision of others combined with puerile sexual humor. Steven is also incapable of criticizing anything Elon does. Dave can at least occasionally critique Elon, even if gently. I give Dave 10 points off for his exaggerated tolerance for SMR.

  17. Love how Steven brings such a different vibe to the talk. Rubs off on Dave a bit too, really fun and exciting!

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