Tesla AI Day, Optimus, Dojo w/ James Douma #34 (Ep. 675)

I'm signed up with by James Douma as we talk about Tesla AI Day 2022, Optimus humanoid robot, development of Tesla FSD Beta, Dojo training supercomputer, and more.

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Tesla AI Day, Optimus, Dojo w/ James Douma #34 (Ep. 675)

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  1. Finally! Now I can finally KNOW whether AI day was good or not. Lol. Thank you very much James, your insight is incredibly important to the Tesla community. And thank you Dave for your hard word and dedication to the cause. We must accelerate the transition. You ARE helping.

  2. Hey Dave, I think your channel will greatly benefit from releasing clips taken from the full interviews. Most channels do this for the portions of audiences that cant sit through long vids. Perhaps you can hire an assistant to put them together.

  3. I was surprised to see that Optimus only had one thumb on each hand. Our thumbs can reach the index and middle fingers more easily than the ring and little (AKA ‘pinkie’) fingers. A sixth digit located at the base of the pinkie would allow for more refined manipulation. The other surprise was no indication of a modular replaceable ‘hand’ or tool at the end of the arm. Optimus will likely get the replaceable hand during the iterative process.

  4. GREAT video. Sounds like AI and FSD will make great progress in the next year. And when Elon said he might have to move to monthly updates I hoped that the robot would rapidly become useful. Now after this video I’m sure of it.

  5. Wow, way to much to absorb in one session for this human, but a terrific resource for those curious folks out there to begin to understand the scope of this amazing effort to achieve autonomy and build a functional humanoid robot. Well done and a huge thanks to you gentlemen for taking the time and sharing this important information.

  6. The NeRFs were a big surprise and jump ahead as far as I could barely scratch the surface of what they were doing. It looked like NeRFs are going to replace the real-world dat input and provide orders of magnitude increase in speed of data generation and therefore observational situations feeding the Neural Net trainers. Kind of like answering Warren Redlich’s complaint that putting Optimus in a factory will limit the availability of rich data that is found in the complex outside world.

  7. I was so looking forward to this event with James. What a overall informative and visionary understanding I got out of this. Thank You!!!!

  8. 1:30:00 robots will enable a huge revolution in agriculture. There are many crops, particularly from the tropics that are Insanely productive but have never been commercialized because it’s impossible to mechanize them except with a humanoid robot. Breadfruit is the best example. One tree produces enough calories to sustain four people a year. It would Be a very sustainable system compared to conventional grain farming which releases a lot of carbon by destroying soil.

  9. Amazing interview ! Here are some random thoughts i jotted down during this talk :
    Daddy why cant you wash the car and play chess at the same time like Optimus can ?
    Daddy, why can’t you calculate Pi ? it took optimus only 2 seconds
    The robots will do useful work ( cooking, cleaning) while we do the useless work ( jogging, biking)
    The bot will do everythign perfect ( nobody can fold clothes as the bot can)
    Hackers could send 10000 bots in the subway to clog the subway system
    ‘The robot hung in a loop while ordering a hamburger so it ordered 10000 hamburgers now”
    Will the robolympics be more interesting than the olympics ?
    Will we see robot boxing or robot tennis ? ( we have robocup already in soccer)
    Will there be famous robot actors ?
    One day a robot can catch a fly with chopsticks and do karate
    How many years before robocop ?
    Will a robot witness be more reliable than a human witness to a crime ?
    Will robots be able to work in underwater food farms ? cleaning up ocean floors ?
    ‘Hello? can you please come fetch your robot ? it keeps asking for the 1 cent change but we do not have any loose cents anymore. It wont leave’
    The ‘walk the dog test’ could be hte turing test for robots. The dog will pull in erratic ways, run around the bot trapping its legs in the leech, and eventually pee over its head since its an inamimate object for the dog.
    “Hello tesla? I asked the bot to clean the table and throw all trash away. It threw my car keys and my wallet in the trash”.
    Robots could look like the vulcans from star trek: IQ 300 but no emotions
    If one robot wins at baseball, all connected bots won.
    If bots are sending data to each other, how can we prevent them from forming a collective mind ?
    “Hello Tesla? my bot told me a joke, i said ‘get outta town!’ and now i cannot find it anymore, can you locate it for me ?”

  10. I love the way he puts it…”your body has a surprising future” !! So many things will come from this attempt to make a bot that is mass produced but have a mind blowing capability… like the cars.

  11. As an investor, I‘m also interested in how a Teslabot will impact insurance policies not only on company’s but also on governmental level. Is there an insurance covering cases with humans / other Teslabots involved? A bot in general has maybe a due date, but at least maintenance costs, a health plan? Will a Teslabot, as a kind of a replacement for a human, ever be obligated to pay into a (collective) pension fund as a proxy for 1 or 2 humans? What, if the Teslabot is entering public zones? For example to grab the pizza down on the street? What is its social status? So many questions not yet discussed.. The future is brighter, if we also can clarify these topics. It‘s about integration of a new liveform into „the system“.

  12. Excellent conversation: I believe that a mechanical motion robot will never be competitive to a human in any sport until it becomes as supple as a human.
    A great measure of hand dexterity would be to have the robot preform prestidigitation. 👍👍🇺🇸

  13. As Elon told us, Dojo and it’s iteration will be faster than a Cray 1 supercomputer. The Cray 1 computer is one of the fastest computers in existence. Elon said that the current supercomputer speed is 150 microseconds to reach a solution to a problem. Dojo will do the same in 5 microseconds. Likewise, the chip and therefore the car/robot.

  14. Thanks for making complex, and very important, advances understandable and explored for what they may mean for our future.

    Please take a look at the “behind the scenes” clips that are available for the latest Avatar movie. It seems Hollywood is also leading the way for how AI and potentially occupancy maps are evolving. Would love to hear your comments on this.

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