Tesla AI Day 2 + Optimus reaction w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep 372)

I'm signed up with by Emmet Peppers as we go over Tesla AI Day 2, Optimus humanoid robotic, Elon Musk, TSLA Q3 production and delivery numbers, stock exchange, and fascinating stocks (NVDA, ABNB, STORE, LMND, etc).

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  1. I’ve been in IT for over 25 years. This event super excited me as a understand the foundational pieces and I can see how suddenly when all the pieces come together that Tesla will burst into the lead, leaving Bostin Dynamics 10 plus years behind. Give Tesla 12 to 24 months, you will be blown away. Get ready!! I’ve watched a few reaction videos, I can tell, some of the you tubers don’t quite get the tech and approach. Eg. One mentioned that the watering the plants was a simulation. It wasn’t. They trained Bumble C using Neural nets. The “Guts” of whats happening is awesome.

    1. What’s your thoughts on DOJO and Elon mentioning it makes a lot of economic sense to make it an AWS type service at some point?

  2. 12:32. Elon has said on multiple occasions that the AI team reports directly to him. I wouldn’t be even a little surprised if he knows every AI engineer. At one point Elon said he had interviewed every AI engineer, though I don’t know if he’s still doing that or not.

  3. Agree with both ! On one hand building a robot that walks and waves hand and even grips is not a new thing, BUT the fact that Tesla is taking a fundamental approach, taking AI, the brains as the main focus is really promising. If Optimus got on the same exponential curve as Tesla once was with Roadster then we will see amazing things coming!

  4. I guess I was expecting a slick and not so clunky looking model. It almost seems like parents who were gleaming in their newborn. The potential is there and understandably a lot went into this. Only time will tell. I have faith in this company.

    1. The silly dancing body suit from the last AI day set Tesla up for disappointment when they finally revealed the reality of the current version. Dumb.

  5. Just remember the first version of FSD. Now we have the current version – it is the difference between the light side of the moon and the dark side. Everything is about “VISION.” Continually presenting a morphing vision – combined with building small and large wins on the journey toward the vision. Telsa is the reigning champion in doing this right.

  6. Setting of expectations. When you set huge expectations you are working to manage the risks, prepare for failures, and push forward. Telsa manages risks and failures better than any other company currently. I am continually impressed.

  7. It was a really impressive event that gave clear signs that momentum is building quickly for Tesla’s ai ventures. This robot thing is a perfect fit for Tesla’s pre-existing manufacturing and ai strengths. If they decide to drive these things to market, no one will be a challenge for years. Tesla will be first movers for this crazy future gen automation. All the other companies are building lab and factory princesses, never straying beyond the “painted lines”, and certainly not with the potential dexterity and flexibility that Tesla is proposing to deliver. It’s going to be wild to watch.

  8. Great interview, always look forward to your catch ups with Emmet, top job Dave, thank you..!!

    Onwards & upwards with Tesla, I foresee real choppy waters over the coming weeks/months because of the macro environment, will just present more buying opportunities 🎉

  9. I think we are missing the amount of sophistication with the vision system in this robot, its afriginmazing!

    1. Exactly. The vision system is already way beyond anything other companies like Boston Dynamics have.

  10. Am I so glad I studied electronic engineering, my mind was so engaged it was truly an engineering event. The real world navigation of the tesla pilot is the ultimate product

  11. I can’t believe how well they managed to deliver on auto labelling. That alone guarantees their AI will succeed considering they already solved the data set problem with their fleet. Robo taxi is now a done deal

  12. Just a quick look at Tesla EV, at Space X, at the satellite Internet connection, at the solar and electric infrastructures and especially at the mammoth potential of the unique Tesla FSD, I see OPTIMUS as a consequential next Tussle in Elon Musk mosaic master plan to deliver man kind with a much better world. Made of clean energy , super efficient and clean transportation vehicles, and naturally OPTIMUS able to do all the dirty jobs that we hate, for a fraction of the present costs, eventually manning all the the planet assembly lines from cell phones to even planes, entering our household and manage it, operating even in distant planets mining rare materials, and preparing living quarters for future colonization. I have no doubt what so ever that again Tesla will deliver within a few years a finished model capable to operate independently in any working condition. The demand will be astronomical, as astronomic will be the demand for FSD in the entire transportation industry, and here I see a Tesla EV driving itself directly from Tesla assembly lines manned by various OPTIMUS, and driving even thousands miles to meet its owner.Tesla will explode in to gigantic proportion, but also creating great wealth in our planet economies, heralding a new civilization, where poverty will be eradicated and our quality of life improved many folds. Today probably Tesla stock will lose some value because of a superficial hi cap,and naturally for the economic press failure to see in OPTIMUS the first building block of a downing new era for us all. Because it has the unstoppable potential to revolutionize our entire lives within this decade and far more in the future. But there will be also very many that see in OPTIMUS what Elon Musk and his team see and plans. Those will invest heavily today to become next decade millionaires.

  13. Tesla builds from the bottom up. Their modeling and simulation tech is extremely advanced. Look at DOJO and the bot’s vision. Optimus is going to be huge.

  14. I am stunned that hardly anyone can see what this means. The hands alone has huge potential and seeing that this was only 6 – 12 months work is stunning. Combined with the AGI, that is in ongoing development, makes this far more advanced than boston dynamic brutes – made for rugged military use case primary. When AGI is sorted (better) and be mass produced and relatively cheap, the future (3-7 years) will be very exciting indeed.

    Nobody can see the opportunity here.
    Great Content.

  15. I was shocked that “Intermittent Fasting” popped up in your conversation. I had also heard that Elon was partaking in the lifestyle change. I started about 6 months ago and was rolled over by its simplicity and ease of adapting to it. I don’t monitor my progress, but a few weeks ago, my doctor said I was already down by 50 lbs. AI Day 2 blew me away. I spent 43 years making computers do my bidding and have been a little surprised as the muted coverage of DOJO. That blew my socks off as much as the bot. What a company!😊

  16. Dave HNST is a steal!!! Would love to hear you go deeper on this company! Love the Tesla content, but some additional content on some of these generational companies would be incredibly fascinating

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