Stock market drops, TSLA down (Ep. 595)

Handling volatility, experts … having your own thesis. Index funds, individual stocks, TSLA, S&P 500.

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Stock market drops, TSLA down (Ep. 595)

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  1. Thanks for taking time out to do this. Hope you have a very happy holiday with your family.

  2. Thanks for the rational view, Dave. Very much appreciated. Feel better just listening to your reasoning and calmness of voice

    1. I used to watch you back in the days when they released the bountry hunter around 2007ish. ITs surreal to now see you on here with me. DO you still make quiky tom cruise jokes with your other voice? LOL

  3. Thanks for your wisdom. It is always helpful to hear from you at a time like that where fear and unknown is spread around. Even cnbc gave up on trying to explain what happen today.

  4. $tsla holders must be FUD proof and if youre a long term investor like myself you generally should avoid daily fluctuations to your account dont even login just remove that daily stress. Always think: Long Term. Always. DO NOT WORRY

  5. My mom bought her first stocks ever during this mess of a market. She snagged 10 shares of Tesla for $880 each. Proud son

    1. @King Zion how about the person who bought TSLA pre split at $15 and held it over a long time horizon? Seems to work out pretty well for them

  6. Thanks Dave! A much needed reminder and confirmation that I’m not an expert on timing the market. The pundit and ticker anxiety are spot on real.

  7. I am a very minor investor with under 100 Tesla shares. 2 years ago I panicked and sold TSLA when it was low thinking I will buy when it’s even lower. Haha. Ending up buying it even higher. Lesson learned, just hold.

    1. Tesla is expensive! Becareful with those pumper. Tesla is making 50 billion per year. It will go down to at least 400 once before rise back up again! These pumper will do anything to pump the stock price and leave the bagholder at the top

    2. I did exactly the same thing, 2 years ago; sold half of my small Tesla holdings. Thankfully that original half I did not sell is the golden nut of my investments. I bought back in higher than I sold, and regretted it….but learned a lesson and found Dave! Buy low…and hold. Cost averaging with a 10+ year plan will take care of the rest.

    3. @Susan Rose Gale Stock dont always go up. Tesla is overextended. Look at the stock price right now. It is going up too much. Tesla is the best company of course. But stock dont always go up in straight line. Should take profit when it is thousand and reenter when it hits 580 or 750. You cant expect Tesla to go up straight line all the way to 2030. Learn some technical analysis. It can help you double your money one or two time a year

  8. Dave, your ability to be able to read short term price jiggle and conviction for the long term investment are always impressive. Thank you for your valuable input!!

  9. Perfectly explained and understood . Nobody can become financially successful overnight. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking the bold steps we need in other to reach our goals

  10. Very sound advice. If you’re younger than 40 you’ve never experienced a protracted correction so you’re probably nervous. If you’re 57 (like me) you’ve been through several so you know it’s time to buy and patiently wait it out. The market is suffering from many ambiguities at the moment: inflation, interest rate hikes and a possible recession the primary culprits. At some point (no one knows when) inflation will top off. When that happens a degree of confidence will be restored and things will stabilize/rebound. Hold and buy strong companies (Tesla, Google) in the meantime. And like Dave says, don’t stare at the ticker or listens to the “experts”. Good luck!

    1. This is the longest bull in history, many investors now have never experienced a recession and might over react

  11. Well, one way to look at it is my hope and dream is for Tesla to be 2-3x in next 5-10 years. IMHO that’s setting the bar/expectation low but still should easily beat any index fund.

  12. Thanks Dave. I never would sell, as long as the overall thesis still fits.
    But in times like these, one can feel very lonely with their decisions, constantly challenged by an irrational market sentiment (at least from a long time perspective).
    Thanks to you and the entire TSLA-community ❤️. We now, how it will play out.

  13. For long term investors: if you’re worried about your money going up and down you should be investing money you don’t need NOW so why does it matter what it does say to day?

    If it’s green it’s “oh that’s nice” and red it’s “ooh on sale if I want to buy more!”

    Our lizard brains can be tamed but you have to practice training it if you struggle with volatility. IMO it’s exciting investing with Elon…you never know what’s next…enjoy the Gs

    1. Super important point. I think A LOT of retail investors have allocated too much money into risky assets ( individual tech stocks, exotic stock funds like ARC), even investing at margin, with no liquidity as plan B – this leading to over sensitive day-to-day focus on the ticker price. If you can foresee a scenario that you will need that money for the next 5 years, they should NOT be invested in individual stocks/currency/exotic funds. The problem currently is that this reckless behaviour has lead to greater profits in the last five years, but will get you exposed to possible ruin in a crash – it’s not the average outcome that matters, it’s surviving the possible worst case scenario!

  14. Thanks for these words of wisdom, Dave. I was reading Warren Buffet’s shareholder letter from 1975 today, and underlined the following: “…stock market fluctuations are of little importance to us — except as they may provide buying opportunities — but business performance is of major importance.” This is also the view I try to have.

  15. Buying opportunity. The key takeaway in my opinion is to start buying in slowly and then gradually increase the pace of buying as the prices continue to drop. Don’t catch the falling knife. selling off everything makes no sense, this can be an opportunity to buy more stocks but short term investors and speculators can sell off if they have made profit on their initial investment and still benefit from volatility of the market. My portfolio currently up 19% from Q1. there are no shortcuts to getting rich, there are smart ways to go about it.”

    1. I’m much, MUCH more interested in buying stocks now that they are cheap. It’s hard to predict the future, but one thing you can always rely upon is human GREED. Once stocks start rising again, people are going to think back and kick themselves and ask why they weren’t willing to buy things at a 60-80% discount. I just wish more people wake up and learn how Crashes can create upper class people milłionaires.

    2. @Herman walker No! It stays right in my account. My account only mirrors her trades in real time that’s the ideal for this system. Copy trading is 100% secured and very transparent to work with her, you don’t have to send any funds over. you have control over your funds and can opt out anytime you want just like in Etoro. Check out her name online and get in touch if you wanna know more about her services. This is only a recommendation so it’s still your choice

    3. No pain, no gain. This will sake up and make inexperienced investors sell off everything. The experience led investors will make tons of money and get much richer. Those who panic sell will get destroyed. Stay in the game keep investing. Remember people are fearful this is time to get greedy. Don’t go all once. Buy slowly.

    4. At best I will sell out of stocks that no longer meet my standards, buy other stocks. as long as you own financially stable business with earnings, this can be an opportunity to buy more and selling off everything makes no sense; but short term investors and speculators can sell off if they have made profit on their initial investment and still benefit from volatility of the market. I keep buying my targeted stocks on low days

  16. With this new development, I believe Twitter will have an impact on TSLA stocks. Tesla’s future excites me. Should I purchase before or after the split? It’s impossible to choose. I’ll perform both tasks.

    1. @Clay Tom ​these days it’s best to trade with good guide. I follow Alexis Georgeanna Herman CFA. You may have heard of her as a well-known CFA. I can confidently say she’s a fiduciary CFA, as her strategies are top-notch. I say this because I see it in my portfolio performance which returns on average 10% — 15% growth per month. She’s quite known and has got a webpage.

    2. @Ella Robert It’s incredible to come across Alexis related comments on. Just a small note of gratitude to her. I was down, down, and downer before I started working with her. After reaching her on her website after looking her up. I have already increased my little portfolio last year with her awesome strategies. Currently at 163k Q1 2022.

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