Step Inside the Revolutionary All-Electric Lightship RV (Ep. 722)

I meet Ben Parker and Toby Kraus, co-founders of Lightship RV, at their launch event at SXSW 2023. Complete walkthrough of the all-electric Lightship L1 recreational vehicle alpha prototype.

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Step Inside the Revolutionary All-Electric Lightship RV (Ep. 722)

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  1. Good at field journalism. Tesla should definitely design an RV trailer. It’s gonna be low volume product so Tesla should probably outsource the manufacturing to Magna, Aptiv or some other partner.

  2. Love the design, love the enthusiasm ! The matruska design concept is a very useful touch that we met earlier in the Stella vita camper van.

  3. Interesting product. Biggest concern is the master bed of course. No privacy. With kids, forget any privacy ya know. Storage looks to be very light, the rails should help.

    Love the first pass at this. The solar and batteries and such is great engineering from what it sounds.

  4. Eriba have been making pop up caravans in Europe since the 1950’s. Solar panels, batteries and aerodynamics all good things to champion. Keeping weight down will be important. Dethleffs have a prototype caravan with electric motors and battery a few years ago. Good luck with this, it’s an excellent concept.👍

  5. Totally called it that they had photochromatic windows. The worst thing is putting up window shades every night in an RV, so most people just give up and keep them up the whole time which ruins the view

  6. Agreed! The Winnebago’s of the world are out to lunch on electric. Time for a major disruption! Imagine running all HVAC, cooking, lights etc off the EV battery.

  7. Interesting concept and some good ideas. Does it make sense to put a drive unit in the trailer as they plan? It might be simpler to just have a battery and pass power to the tow vehicle. Electric vehicles have plenty of torque for towing, battery capacity is the bottleneck. However, towing stability (anti-sway) depends on trailer braking (especially downhill), so it would be great to have regenerative braking in the trailer… hence the need for a drive unit. The windows appear to be single-pane automotive style. With all that glass area, I would expect the trailer would be hard to heat or cool. They probably need to go to double-pane plastic with integrated insulating shades. The design of the main bed seems clunky and awkward… maybe facing couches that fold down electrically into a bed (or twin beds) would be better, but the trailer is pretty narrow, makes designing a bed hard. I think I’d rather have a camperized electric van.

  8. I love it. …. it’s been almost a year and a half since I talked to them and I’ve been so excited to see it come to life. Can’t wait to see it irl .

    Thanks for the showcase Dave.

  9. Dave, thanks for sharing this. I am also an RVing fun. I wonder why they claim to be the first? You do know they are not first. Neither in North America, nor outside. The other electric RVs are fully motorized electrically. But I am looking forward to new design, material, and engineering explorations for RVs to come. I like the wrap around drain in the shower 🙂 I like the ideas and solutions along recirculating water and new toilet technologies, including the incinerating ones, but he did not touch on any of these.

  10. Having seen a bazillion failed start-ups, I was initially skeptical… but I am now convinced that this is straight-up legit. You were throwing question after question after question. This guy was throwing answer after answer after answer (*NDA & proprietary topics excluded, of course). He was dodging nothing. I am honestly impressed. Also, you were asking some really good questions. Perhaps the only wishy-washy response was regarding the windows vs. rocks, but there may be some clever solutions to address that concern. GREAT interview.

    1. It looks like the majority of those front windows would be covered by the aero fairing when in the lowered mode.

  11. Great video and exciting promising product. A few questions (1) can the gear rail system handle say a hammock or netting to throw stuff like surfboard, etc.. (2) yes on the outdoor shower option! (3) Is there a way to make the front on the doors/cabinets magnetic or of more utility like a white board that can be removed from the front and used for planning dinner, activities, etc..

  12. Thanks for sharing. I just put my deposit down. Looking forward to 2025 road trip. The price point is pretty competitive compared to the price of a decent hotel. This will pay for itself in 10 years or better depending on if you rent it out which could pay for itself in probably in 3 years.

  13. Great product especially for a prototype alpha vehicle ! Going to have high demand if they nail the production and price point

  14. Wow! This is such an incredibly thought-out RV. I am blown away by this. The Lightship is something that can change the world with simple sustainability and efficiency. Between the Lightship and the Cyberlandr campers and future campers are in good hands. Thanks for sharing this, Dave. 🤖🧡

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