Reacting to Tesla’s Q3 Delivery Announcement (Ep. 371)

Tesla Q3 production and shipment news release:

AUSTIN, Texas, October 2, 2022– In the 3rd quarter, we produced over 365,000 vehicles and delivered over 343,000 automobiles.

Historically, our shipment volumes have actually altered towards the end of each quarter due to local batch building of cars and trucks. As our production volumes continue to grow, it is ending up being significantly challenging to secure vehicle transport capability and at a sensible cost during these peak logistics weeks. In Q3, we started transitioning to a more even regional mix of car develops every week, which resulted in a boost in vehicles in transit at the end of the quarter. These vehicles have actually been purchased and will be delivered to customers upon arrival at their destination.

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  1. It comes as a surprise let down, but it shouldn’t. They’ve talked about unwinding the delivery wave for a while, but it appears that Chinese consumers holding out for a Oct 1st price cut forced their hand to do it sooner.

    Production was still ~365k. They’ll continue selling every vehicle they make.

  2. Yeah, Elon and Tesla have reached a stage where they really don’t have to care or worry about near term stuff, they have now got their eyes sharply focused on a long-term horizon

    1. @Jamal Nasir I love this insane cope we’re seeing from the Tesla bag holders justifying how zero wait times in China and real demand problems are non-issues.

      Lets be clear, Tesla is currently trading @ a 100 p/e. That p/e means no mishaps. Otherwise, haircut time 🤑👀

  3. will be awesome if Tesla can get to the point that delivery is your Tesla driving itself to your house from the factory

    1. Yeah you verify everything on the ap and it sends the car. you inspect it at your house, if you reject it, it drives itself back to the delivery center or the repair center.

  4. probably need more RORO and truck transport haulers… this is going to become and more an issue as volumes increase… particularly toward EOQs…

  5. Honestly, no other carmakers are hitting the growth Tesla is doing right now. Like you said, focus on long term and innovation. The products speak for themselves. Besides, they are also doing well on their profit margins compared to others

    1. @Luke Vo It was about grow. I ditnt say anything more. I like Tesla wayyd more, but for now the grow of byd is increddible.

  6. Concise report and sharp analysis. What’s not to like. Hopefully the loonies will drop the price on Monday.😋 as Buffett says, if it is raining soup, run out with a bucket, not a thimble.

  7. Numbers are amazing considering China was revamping the production line in July and maybe some of august . If Shanghai is producing more vehicles than before then wouldn’t it make sense that they are producing more than they can sell in China. Tesla just exports the excess .

    Plus the need to even out the distribution of the vehicles is because they probably can’t get enough ships to transport all the vehicles. My thought and fear has been are there shipping companies that can keep pace with tesla.

  8. Thanks for the great video Dave. Just to give you a small glimpse of what is going on. I picked up my model X on Friday at 5 PM. I asked the sales rep if this was common in how many cars they had delivered. He said on Friday they were delivering 60 cars. But earlier in the week they did have a high of 80 cars in just one day. This is one dealership here in the Sacramento area

  9. Thanks Dave so much will you bring me back down to earth you keep me focused on the long term and Company fundamentals. I really appreciate you.

  10. Hopefully, a regional “smoothing” of deliveries could also benefit the delivery experience for those of us first time buyers who have been waiting over a year for a model Y – here in California – ~35 miles away from Fremont. Thanks Dave. Appreciate your insight and logic applied to the topics at hand.

  11. I also think another reason for this:
    – minimized staff so it’s a workload thing
    – on the flip side they’ll see how the short term affects stock price. Could be used as motivation potentially

  12. Dave, thanks for bringing the bigger picture into focus. I agree, as far as worrying about stock price, that is putting the cart before the horse. Ensure the company is doing well, growth/profits, and the stock price will follow.

  13. But how are they supposed to produce almost 500k in q4? That’s such a HUGE increase, it seems impossible to me. I’m all in Tesla and I really hope they’ll manage it, but I don’t understand why everyone is so confident that q4 will be absolutely record-breaking.

  14. Added more today and if we drop more this week I will be buying more. I did not get into Tesla till 2020 so I have no chance to have thousands of shares but my wife and I are closing in on our 500 share goal.

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