OpenAI’s new GPT-5, next gen model, and Tesla FSD v12 (Ep. 741)

I discuss the future of OpenAI, their new GPT-5 strategies, Tesla's FSD v12 and more in this livestream.

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OpenAI's new GPT-5, next gen model, and Tesla FSD v12 (Ep. 741)

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  1. OpenAI might be unprofitable, but I’d bet Microsoft, their majority owner, is making hella bank selling computer services to them.

  2. Me – If it takes 2 towels 1 hour to dry on a clothes line how long does it take 4 towels to dry?
    ChatGPT – 2hrs.
    Me – 🤦

  3. Apple, Qualcomm, nVidia etc. Are all already building inference chips into their mobile and laptop SOCs. Don’t see OpenAi competing in that space

  4. Battlestar Galactica had a good analogy for the Cylon Raider fighter ships. They weren’t the full AGI, they were more like animals. Same for FSD, IMO.

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