My reaction to Tesla Optimus Bot folding laundry (Ep. 748)

I share my thoughts on a video of Tesla's Optimus humanoid robot folding clothes and laundry.

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My reaction to Tesla Optimus Bot folding laundry (Ep. 748)

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  1. Great video! Dave, what do you think of this: if one Optimus robot is capable of assembling two new ones every day, and those two are then able to assemble two each the following day, etc. it doesn’t take many days to get to a million bots. As long as the part bins keep up…

    1. That is ignorant because it works around the issue. Assembling the robot may be a stupid one-hour job – the robot consists of 6 or so components (head, center, arms, legs), maybe 7 (hip and below). The real work is not the assembly – the real work is making the parts and – cough – you say “oh, as long as the part bins keep up”.

  2. The thumbnail for this video is gold. It’s like a parody of those ridiculous clickbait thumbnails, but it gets it just wrong enough to let everyone know how self-aware it is.

  3. The ultimate test will be when the bot can fold a fitted sheet! It will take no time at all now for the AI to learn to recognize all the various pieces of clothing and then apply the proper folding method. Next will be deciding which pieces of clothing go on hangers. Sorting will also be easy since they’ve shown that already. Then there is how to sort stack and place the folded clothes in a basket. It gets trickier to get it to determine which clothes are which family member’s so it can then deliver and put the clothes away in the proper dresser or closet. Nothing insurmountable though.

  4. I own a small business where all of my employees fold clothes everyday.. Last year I was saying, in jest, that I want a Tesla bot to help my business, but now it looks like reality more and more.

  5. Moving along as expected, solving the basic 3 dimensional motions with precision at a moderate build price, that is indeed a serious achievement and will make this production ready. The compute part will follow and is way less committing and way less costly to adapt and modify (FSD).

  6. I think that “tele-operating” the Teslabot to do things might be one of the ways to train its AI much like how the FSD in the cars is trained. Let us be amazed by how much dexterity the Teslabot’s hardware has to date.

    1. It also separates hardware and software nicely. They probably have the software side gaming where it can iterate 1000s all day every day without hardware constraints

    2. @@jaylewis9876 Indeed. I also think that these bots will set up the road to AGI due to them so closely mimicking how a human interacts with its environment. With sensors it can “feel” the world and possibly higher level intelligence is emergent from functioning within a complex and chaotic environment with many possible outcomes of action or even inaction. The next few years are going to be fascinating. 🤨

    3. if each robot is trained a skill thru end-to-end neural network method can the rest of the robots aquire each others skill ? can each skill be passed to the rest of the robots?

    1. The first generation shouldn’t move whenever a human is in sight. It can do chores while everyone is at work and school. Perhaps an HOA could buy a few for the community and everyone picks when they get housecleaning

  7. Did anyone notice the bot, way in the back in the center of the shop, repeatedly (in a constant loop) making very tight turns in both directions? Looks like it was training to work in tight quarters without tripping on its own two feet. 😂😂😂

  8. So refreshing to hear Dave again in a while. He just makes everything so easy to understand. I appreciate you Dave. Thank 🎉 you very much.

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