My BIGGEST Takeaway from Tesla Investor Day (Ep. 720)

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I share my experience on the factory tour at Giga Texas right prior to the Investor Day presentation.

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My BIGGEST Takeaway from Tesla Investor Day (Ep. 720)

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  1. Excellent news that the 4680s are ramping, massive battery production is key to an electric future. Many thanks Dave for asking the important questions during your factory tour.

    1. People talk about 4680 as if it makes a big difference in range and battery longevity. Drivers of Teslas with 4680 cells have no advantage over owners of Teslas with 2170 other than a few extra miles of range.The only real advantage is in the manufacturing timeline.

  2. do they reconfigure the dry electrode machine between versions or is it a completely new machine in each iteration?

  3. Wish I could have been on the tour of TSLA’s battery ops. Thanks for your report, Dave!

  4. After watching investor day, I’m thinking that it wasn’t such a good idea to build a hydrogen generation & compression station in my back yard. Maybe the Toyota Mirai is not the future!😂

  5. A thought to further automate the dry electrode process is to use as a prototype automated optical inspection device is to use a FSD hardware 4 computer trained to recognize the successful production process and initiate corrective measures for issues that fall out of spec. At a minimum you would have a documented accurate set of what occurred and when. Making use of standard mass production parts most suitable to the product derivative may be more cost effective and provide better production uptime. The training dataset will be much smaller than what is needed for FSD and it will remove worker fatigue issues from the process.

  6. I must have fallen asleep before the 4680 update was announced. That was exactly what I wanted =D

  7. The much improved Cybertruck prototype was another welcome part of the event. Thanks Dave!

  8. Hi Dave, did they talk about manufacturing the mother roll and if they/Tesla have solved both cathode and anode production.

  9. Do we know the success rate of 4680 production, i.e. the % of good cells or the % of “good electrodes” with the dry electrode process?

  10. I love the goal and future vision of having the 4680 machine autonomously producing 24/7 with little/no human intervention! It’s amazing how much Tesla is disrupting not only entire industries/companies, but even themselves in some circumstances. Seemingly, the more automation that is implemented within Tesla, the less need for human employees, which should lead to higher productivity and profit margins.

  11. The in house design of their own microcontrollers for the drive unit and other components going to 100% in next gen.
    That is going to dramatically increase their capacity and profitability.
    No one will be able to be as low cost and as powerful.

  12. Thanks Dave, it’s really valuable to hear your first-hand account of the DBE process! Do you know if they have solved DBE for the cathode too, or were they showing you just the anode production?

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