MONSTER Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 update, Starlink coming to Tesla cars w/ James Douma #32 (Ep. 631)

James Douma and I discuss the current Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 upgrade and enhancements, Tesla stock split and the amazing Starlink + Tmobile statement.

00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Tesla stock split
01:57 – Starlink + Tmobile statements (direct phone-to-satellite connection).
13:20 – Starlink concerning Tesla cars.
15:55 – Chuck Cook's unguarded left turns.
29:47 – Ashok Elluswamy (head of Autopilot) discussion at CVPR '22 about Occupancy Networks, Implicit Crash Network.
51:33 – Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 release notes.
1:29:25 – Conclustion.

Ashok Elluswamy keynote at CVPR '22, Tenancy Networks,.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 release notes:.

James Douma on Twitter,.
James Douma on AI playlist,.

Apple Podcast:.
Dave Lee on Parenting,.

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MONSTER Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 update, Starlink coming to Tesla cars w/ James Douma #32 (Ep. 631)

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  1. My wife and I have 120 shares of tesla in our Roth’s after the split. Thank you for everything you do Dave.

    The conversations between you two are always great.

    1. I cannot wait to buy a Tesla model X with FSD and solar panels with stock profits. Charge at home for free! Before I have to pump gas at $15/gal.

    2. @Al Johnson My typo. But mark my word gas will reach $15. Look at prices of food, grocery, material and other products.

  2. 32:00 I’ve been saying this for months: Labeling is a crutch. End-to-end neural nets are the only solution for problems as complex as driving. Geometry isn’t enough either. Not having an opinion on what abstractions the NN learns is the only way that will work.

  3. As the Starlink/T-Mobile network comes online, the transition to being a Tesla owned entity is more possible. Owning the company that owns the roaming rights will bring more money to Tesla.

  4. New updates and roll outs of FSD Beta never feel official until Dave and James break it down for us lay people. We are such geeks! Thanks for always sharing with us!

    1. Tesla will need to use Dojo to build a set of navigation rules for inside a house and around a yard.
      Toys, cables, random laundry baskets, children, pets, inebriated adults. So many challenges

  5. Great interview as always with James. My enthusiam for 10.69 has been very high until I watched Kim Paquette’s videos driving in Newport RI an old New England seacoast town where FSD does poorly. I believe the northeast with old road layouts is an Achilles heel for FSD.

  6. Dave, thanks for having James on your channel again. I always learn so much when you guys are together.

  7. 36:00 3D-Space. It’s really 4D-Space, because time is involved. You have to decide whether that 3D-Space you intend to occupy is, in fact, going to be available at the TIME you intend to occupy it. ALL collisions are the result of two “objects” trying to occupy the SAME 3D-Space at the same TIME.

    1. This is what I wonder about, how many ‘levels’ of memory does FSB use. It needs to remember really short term, seconds about where it saw objects (objects that get occluded ). Yet does it also remember things like how a certain road is structured. Example chucks turn, two times 3 lanes with narrow median. Or that blind over the hill bend, with immediate intersection behind it. You know the sort of stuff we naturally remember from driving and being able to anticipate to provide a safe and smooth driving experience (especially for passengers).

      Maps are one aspect of that, but road situations can not always be mapped. Like on my daily commute, I know of certain potholes I know to avoid. A ‘temporary ‘ speed limit sign that is still out there for months now, etc…

  8. Until recently FSD releases have been characterised as two steps forward, one step back (sometimes three steps back) but the net result has always appeared as an asymptote ever closer to competency without ever achieving it. This latest version of FSD is such a step up that it puts on a new trajectory indicating that ‘competency’, equivalent to human driving capability, is achievable and perhaps beyond.

  9. The thing I love most about these epic conversations is how EXCITED James and Dave get 😂

  10. I’m in a remote area in Montana where we must drive 15 minutes one way to get cell phone or internet access. Since I purchased Starlink, I’ve been able to use my cell phone with WiFi calling feature as if I’m connected to the cell tower. Fantastic!

  11. Thanks guys. James is so technical and I can’t imagine his depth of knowledge. Exciting years ahead for Tesla.

  12. Thank you both. I need you both to add Steven Mark Ryan, Dillan Loomis, Rob Maurer, and Sandy Munro to a Zoom event. Now this would be the perfect “Tesla Squad”

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