Latest Tesla production rumors – TSLA competitive advantage (Ep. 619)

Most current Tesla production rumors, VW CEO Herbert Deiss talk about surpassing Tesla, and a summary of Tesla's competitive advantages.

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Latest Tesla production rumors – TSLA competitive advantage (Ep. 619)

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  1. Dave, you really nailed it on the head. So many of your points are overlooked by the vast majority. Great video!

  2. Dave! Quality over quantity, very nice video! Take some more time ‘off’ haha! Wish you the best and have great vacations with your family! We love you!

  3. I think that Herbert is just being sarcastic or trolling his bosses. It’s like me saying: This pro-boxer is training really hard, surely I can take him out because he must be really tired now.

  4. I think we are only 2-3 years away from the steepest part of the S curve – maybe this gets flattened slightly due to battery raw materials constraints but not by all that much.

  5. The focus now is all automakers mass-produce their EVs following Tesla’s lead. Soon the focus will be how to provide the electricity so many EVs need! That’s when Tesla’s exclusive megapack/power wall/solar roof ecosystem come into play!

    1. Musk is way too distracted and way behind schedule. He needs to triple this years estimated car production by 2024 to keep up with his 2030 goals. He doesn’t have the material for that. Plus how is he going to do that while also ramping the battery and solar needed so that the grid doesn’t collapse when hundreds of millions of cars start plugging into grid power every night? Tesla needs to achieve a scale they themselves have not quite planned for, and frankly, at a size and speed we may have not seen before.

  6. They also have the sensor lead. Other manufacturers need to add 10’000s of $ in Sensors to mimic a subset of Tesla’s capabilities. Tesla needs cheap cameras and hardware following mores law. This will be significant once we reach a more economic compact car to get to 20’000’000 in sales.

  7. Other automakers haven’t made serious attempts to roll out a supercharger network because they lack both the ambition and the BEV production capacity to do it.

    1. How many automakers has a gas filling station? In the long run third party charging stations will win and OEMs don’t have to think of servicing the charging stations. At the beginning it was nice for Tesla but in the long run I don’t see it as an advantage

    2. I believe they are running primarily on their ICE cars reputation and not looking into all the important factors that make Tesla great.

    3. @Biddie 86 You are right. There will be plenty of opportunity for creative minds to provide filling station services that support different personal requirements; for instance, truckers may want a shower and good food on plates, families may want entertainment and finger foods; some families might like a swimming pool, etc. etc.

  8. Love your Mobil setup. Very easy to follow with the Bullet-points and pencil….. and great content as well off cause.

  9. I think Diess would love a couple of gigantic advanced manufacturing gigafactories using castings like Berlin to ‘weaken’ VW 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Tesla is five years ahead in autonomous driving from other companies as skilled as tesla. Since no one is as skilled then they are actually 7 – 10 years ahead. Look at spacex. No competitors

  11. Other EVs will have too many recalls. Look at the ones they have now, even for ICE cars. Wheels can fall off, brakes can fail, engine can just shut off, fires, etc. It makes the market’s critique of tiny misalignments in Tesla cars (the gaps between panels) seem silly. Tesla fixes and improves cars with over-the-air updates. I am all in on Tesla stock and feel very safe.

  12. As long as no automaker understands that you need a big display in the middle of the car to entertain people while charging they are all clueless.

  13. no matter what EVs come down to 3 factors: battery, software & charging stations-Tesla nails all three-nobody is even close with 2/3 factors.

  14. Enjoy your time with your family Dave!

    The advantages for Tesla are getting longer and longer but it’s something most won’t understand until it’s staring them right in the face and becomes obvious! Herbert has a much tougher job (as does every other OEM and start up) in this transition so comments about catching up where moral boosters as things in VW are like a land war with factions fighting for relevancy and power.

    It’s a Tesla world (IMHO) and everyone else is just paying rent.

  15. I agree with all your points, although I am concerned about the competition from BYD in China, which is the largest car market and where BYD has released a very competitively priced new model that has attracted many new orders. The premium market is always going to be fairly small as not many people can afford Tesla’s in China, so either they will have to drop their prices there or bring out a new lower priced model once that is saturated. Not too big an issue this year but may be next year.

  16. Good video Dave! Congrats. On the cost efficiencies and scaling, one of the key advantage of Tesla that is misunderstood is their guts to create a tiny products portfolio (2 platforms, 4 models SX – 3Y) — A bit like the 1998 Steve Jobs ‘s product matrix strategy (Pro and consumer vs desktop laptop) — instead of 79 models like the Sony and GM of this world. This is also a new paradigm. When you have only 2 great models to produce per factory at large scale, you remove complexity = investment in manufacturing give you amazing ROI + more competitive advantage and less recalls. Keep the great works!

  17. Dave, excellent list! IMO, I think these are the two biggest advantages for Tesla over all other automakers: (1) proven technology after going through the many design improvements of the Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3 from real world data. (2) the overall system architecture of Tesla’s EV. This is extremely underrated. This enabled software OTA updates, car upgrades, smooth new technology onramps, and scaling/expanding the whole Tesla ecosystem.

    Advantage (1) is very evident this year with all the recalls and failures from Lordstown, GM Bolt, Ford, and Toyota.
    Advantage (2) is seen as software integration and OTA updates are still very difficult for other automakers.

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