Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q4 Earnings Report (Ep. 712)

Tesla reported their Q4 2022 incomes. Check out their investor letter here,

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Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q4 Earnings Report (Ep. 712)

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  1. The goal is to speed up the mega packs which will be MORE profitable for the next 2 or 3 years
    Batteries are finite so use them where the most profitable products lie

  2. 4680 ramp is a joke…every call they skirt around it. Market is starting to not trust what tesla says…market will continue to punish tesla given it’s STILL rich valuation. Great company, just too expensive.

  3. That was fast, accurate & an efficient use of time whilst getting a grip on earnings. Thnx Dave! Your predictions were amazingly spot-on. You know this company inside & out. 🙏 Thank you for the MASSIVE research you invest into TSLA. You’re MASTERFUL!🏆!

    But Dave… the excited glow is starting to wear away, piece by piece. I’m concerned. ‘Jus sayin.
    ☮️ & ❤️ 2 U Dave.

  4. Hi Dave, since your estimate is very close, what is your price prediction stock per share by end of 2023? Thanks!

  5. Dave When you have no answers. You just ask questions to the Tesla management and the video without answering or your opinion on those questions. That’s a good exit strategy. 😊

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