Is Jerome Powell trying to crash Tesla Stock? (Ep. 635)

Can the Fed crash TSLA and the stock exchange? + Elon Musk view of Fed raising rates.

Federal Reserve Board and Federal Free market Committee launch financial forecasts from the September 20-21 FOMC conference:

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Fed raises rates – Can Tesla stock buck the trend? (Ep. 635)

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  1. Now that Amazons AMC550X is around it’s all about the question when and how much. I prefer this over ATOM, ALGO, L2 based ones and whatsoever

    1. I missed on most of the good ones in my life and most of you can probably recall that feeling.
      And now of course it feels like the crash never ends but Amazons project here has a strong movement right now and can’t be skipped.
      You can like or hate them but this is golden

  2. Jerome Powell is way to late. Inflation was already out of control. Inflation has been out of control since covid shutdowns. The oil / energy problem needs to be solved. Tesla should be fine because they are expanding and with inflation coming down they can lower prices.

  3. I don’t really care about what the Fed is doing. Tesla has enough cash on hand and does not require any loans so interest rates would not impact their financials. It might have a short term impact on the stock but longer term it will just “stretch the stock bungee cord” and once the market will rebound Tesla will rebound in multiples.
    While I don’t like what Jerome Powell is doing, I think it’s the right move for the economy. Having inflation out of control would be more damaging to the US (and to Tesla) than a short term pain in the stock market. While it might impact employment, once it does, Fed will slow down rate increases and will have the tools to reduce it if needed. In recent years we’ve been close to 0% interest which left the Fed (and thus the US) with limited tools to handle any economic woes. Having some interest rate is healthy for the economy and the US.

  4. If Fed keeps slowing down the economy that means less tax revenue, we are already ina vice deficit. We owe 2 billion daily in interest on our debt alone. Less tax revenue means more money printing to pay it which the causes more inflation. Our leader really put us on a great spot. Considering stimulus was not targeted and most not needed or stolen

  5. Literally just raised prices of my company’s products 11% on September 1, companies are going to continue raising now as a hedge against the inability not to going forward. Inflation will continue for immediate future.

  6. the best way to fight against inflation is to buy the stock with the highest growing revenue. Tesla stock is definitely be the best one.

  7. Little tweaks to the rate only marginally affects what matters: the real economy–goods & services produced. The zero rates were for 2008 & covid recoveries, and are not long term rates. In 2020 the low rates caused a stock runup which was clearly a bubble. In late 90’s the fed rate was about twice today’s and yet stock prices ran up to the 2000 tech bubble. The connections between capital investment, stock price, growth, and the fed rate are complicated. Not as simple as “rate goes up bad for stocks”. And stock prices are not the economy.

    The fed may or may not be making the right choice, but hand-wringing over these piddly 75 basis point increases is just silly. The market sorts itself out. People just like to have something to blame for inevitable downturns. Too many investors today have only experienced the low rates since 2008 and a seemingly “can’t lose” market.

  8. Uncertain times is when you should slowly add more tesla shares imo. The growth is clear as day. Economy will bounce back sooner or later, always does. Plus earnings should be stellar for q3/q4. I’m more concerned of Shanghai lockdowns than inflation actually.

  9. I expect demand to go down as this recession continues. Prices will have to come down to increase demand. Short term lower net profits, but long term is still solid.

  10. At various points I had thought Jerome Powell was both intelligent and provided clear guidance to the markets and companies and individuals alike. However at this point it’s fairly clear the Fed is following a destructive path. QT combined with a future 4.6% fed funds rate is so restrictive it will bring about incredible pain and a deeper recession

  11. I don’t like what JP is doing, BUT I understand that it’s pretty much the only option the fed has to fulfill their mandate.
    So no worries from my side. What ever the fed does or does not, it has next to zero influence on Tesla company in 2030.

  12. Quick fix from JP will probably hurt the economy at this time. It’s a little too late to increase the interest rate when the economy is at pinched ! I wish they done it 5 plus years ago after the housing crashed

  13. Linking the Feds action to Tesla directly is a bit of a stretch. Powell has no choice but to bump up interest rates. Should not have pumped out so much cash in the past, wouldn’t have this problem.

  14. From the title and title only, yes Jerome is coming directly for Tesla stock 😂 Tesla investors are some wild conspiracy theorists 😂😂

  15. I bought cheap puts just for giggles and they went from $30 each to $147 today I was hyped because I was just throwing that money away 😂

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