I went to see Starship Launch (Ep. 743)

SpaceX Starship Launch Flight 2 in person.

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Dave Lee on Parenting,.

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I went to see Starship Launch (Ep. 743)

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    1. ​@I Am A DuckI was about to leave this comment 😂

      I think Scott could be wrong about his water hammer theory. But maybe, he certainly knows his stuff!

    2. @The Salty Berserker Channel I think he definitely knew what he was talking about with the booster, you can see it get kicked back by the Starship during hotstaging, then go forward again a bit before flipping around, which could cause a water hammer effect with the liquid propellant inside the tanks and fuel lines. But as for the Starship itself, his guess is as good as any. I don’t think anyone really knows on that one currently.

      Still the best speculation we have on YouTube right now tho 😛

    3. @PsychoticWolfie Scott’s great, and yeah could be true. You can see seam rip at the bulkhead. However SpaceX said the FTS fired. Being that the explosive is a shaped charge, it too is designed to rip the tank apart like that. The FTS is midsection too. We shall see.

    4. Scott Manley a good subscribe for anyone interested in space, but especially good breakdowns of things like the Starship launch.

  1. DAVE , VERY HAPPY 🤗YOUR FAMILY GOT TO SHARE … the memory of a lifetime 😎‼️💚💚💚

  2. YAY, Margaritaville Resort! I was there, looking at Starship from my balcony view, a few weeks ago. We’ll see you again soon, Starship!! Thank you, Dave, for making this very personally real for myself. I was there! Same spot, looking at Starship in wonder. And now there’s the view I thought about, happening right before you! Wish I had been there walking with your family on that familiar beach! 🙂 This is all real!! Blessings to you and the family! Life’s about our hearts and love.. and you share all of it very well! 😊❤

  3. Wish I would had seen you dave. We were so close to eachother . I took my little ones as well what an amazing experience being there in person with them.

  4. Thanks Dave, amazing how much you can show in 4 minutes. Great to get glimpses of your family. Great editing, super job. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Dave! How lucky you and your family were to be able to witness history! Jealous here. Since audio is half the fun in launches, please skip the music the next time. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing this moment with us… but most importantly, thanks for making sure your kids were able to experience this moment!

  7. Maravilha de live amigo que incrível poder acompanhar nos bastidores com sua linda família dever ser uma emoção indescritível esse verdadeiro espetáculo ficará para história

  8. Dave, this experience seems to have been soo cool! Thank you for sharing with us!! You’re awesome and we love you – stay safe and all the health to you and your family!!

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