How Elon Musk plans to grow the global economy by 100 times (Ep. 681)

What do you think – do you concur or disagree with Elon Musk? Can a Tesla AI humanoid robotic eventually do most physical and psychological tasks people do presently? When do you believe that will take place?

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How Elon Musk plans to grow the global economy by 100 times (Ep. 681)

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    1. Don’t look at the amount, if your trying to make fast money then Tesla isn’t for you. Tell us how much your up in 2030 when it really matters.

    2. @Unboxing101 glad you got some socialization for the day bud, million dollars and zero friends what a life 🙏❤️

  1. Sometimes it is hard for regular people like us to wrap around our brain around something that is such a step change from what we have experienced. It is possible that what Elan is envisioning will come true in 10-15 years. I only hope that these human robots are used for the welfare of humanity and not as warriors fighting WWIII.

  2. I drive approximately 100 miles per day or 1.5-2 hours (I work in home health). I currently have FSD Beta and having the car chauffeur me around, under vigilant watch, has already reduced my mental fatigue from driving.

    Once it becomes fully autonomous, it will save me approximately 2 hours a day or 10 hours per week allowing me to document while it drives me as I usually get home around 4-5 PM and document from 5-7 PM. That to me is invaluable.

    1. Lol so your violating terms and not paying attention while operating beta software? You get your up for murder is fsd fails at the worst moment(s)?

    2. @Unknown Error comon dude! He is writing future tense. He is right now wasting 10 hours a week driving that he could be spending documenting the work. Meankng when he comes home at 4 pm he will be finished with work.
      But he can’t do that yet as FSD is not yet lvl. 4/5 autonomy.

  3. The more I watch Spacex launch and re use their rockets all done autonomously time after time flawlessly, the more I believe in FSD and ultimately the bot.

    1. Hell yeah! He’ll do it, it may take some time but he will get it done! Can’t wait…… get the popcorn ready.

    1. Elon hasn’t delivered full self driving and still people are so eager to believe that he’s about to deliver a general AI which is very likely more than a million times harder than FSD. Guess people just want to believe.

  4. Elon’s ambitions for the world currently exceed his credibility with the public at large. This needs to change.

  5. I just love owning a part of this amazing company. 🙂
    I’m curious how nation-states will handle this future, as the number of unemployed will go up. UBI might be necessary in time.

  6. Dave your videos and thought process is always calming and interesting to listen to. Thanks for capturing your vantage point for the rest of us.

  7. If Elon’s plans all come to fruition -they will eventually create a whole new economy. This is the singularity than everyone spoke about. The only way I can think of to maintain some sanity is to buy Tesla stock and just hold on for dear life!

  8. Dave can you do a video asking your experts WHEN they think FSD can be used without human intervention? WHEN do they think will it be as good as autopilot where people would actually use it daily WITH supervision?

    1. Probably a few years away. But only a few years away still sounds crazy to me! Car driving around alone, doing Uber and making you money when you sleep.

  9. Dave, I think FSD will have a much larger impact than what even Elon says. Imagine the way housing developments will change: no need to dig up the streets to supply water or sewage lines to neighborhoods. Small self-driven tanker trucks could deliver water on automatic domand and the same is true for greywater. House footprints will be much smaller (no driveways or need for garages with robotaxis running dirt cheap). And rainwater collection points would take the place of sewers. Small electric tankers could collect rainwater from ubiquitous underground holding tanks in place of the manholes and street grates that currently feed the sewers. Very little environmental impact too. And streets wouldn’t have to be dug up every 10 years to replace broken and leaking pipes.

  10. The industrial revolution brought a two order of magnitude improvement in GDP per capita (roughly $1 per day till 1750 to $100 per day now). What Elon Musk is saying is that intelligent humanoid robots could allow humanity to undergo a similar two order of magnitude leap in GDP per capita.

  11. I am in complete awe that this technology is within reach at this moment in time and we could live to witness a transformation unlike anything ever recorded in human existence

  12. I think that Elon might secretly be planning to send a crew of Optimusses to Mars first in order to prepare the way for humans! Just a fun thought 😂😁😉

  13. Compared to autonomous driving, getting a mobile robot to do dexterous, variable tasks on a production line in a static factory environment should be far less complicated. Not much harder than the stationary, pre programmed robots used now. This is how research goes. Countless important advances are accidental. Someone working on or just thinking about FSD would have said one day ” hang on a minute, if we can get the computer to drive in the real world why can’t we get a robot to move around the factory doing factory tasks?” As Ross Gerber said. “Tesla was trying to solve the hardest problem first”.

  14. Thanks Dave, you made me laugh. Like Cory Molnar I also drive long distances back and forth to work (200 km). Unfortunately, I do not own a Tesla so all driving is is done the old fashion way. I’ve seen more deadly accidents (most on autobahn 3. I call it “the meat grinder”) over the past 15 years than I care to remember. When you said “when AI can drive better than a human” I laughed thinking a Commadore 64 could drive better than many of the drivers I see daily. I look forward to the day when FSD is utilized worldwide and human error can be taken out of the equation.

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