Has Elon Musk made a MASSIVE mistake? (Ep. 692)

Should Tesla investors be upset at Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition?

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Has Elon Musk made a MASSIVE mistake? (Ep. 692)

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  1. If there’s anyone that can juggle running a bunch of startups, it’s Elon. I just hope Twitter doesn’t break his love of life and humanity.

    1. I would bf a very Angry human if Elon didn’t exist teaks and SpaceX are the only reason I have hope for humanity

    2. Consider this: An individual with a genetic pervasive social handicap (i.e., Autism Spectrum Disorder), is now the owner of a social media platform. What could possibly go wrong?

    3. @Cory Drybrough
      Your reply to me seems to be missing.
      FYI: Asperger’s Syndrome. Look it up. Elon said he was, “On the spectrum.” Which alludes to him having Aspergers. New diagnostic criteria puts Aspergers under the heading, “Autism Spectrum Disorder.”. THAT’s “…tf”
      My comment is not a criticism. It’s an observation.
      I worked with adults and children “on the spectrum” for 5 years. My doctoral dissertation is on this topic.
      People, “on the spectrum,” have difficulty establishing normal social relationships, (by definition).
      By the way, I own a Tesla. Love it.

    4. @Roy Johnson fair enough all good, I just dislike people who hate on Musk, the guy is truly trying to do good things.

    1. The acquisition is fine. I am more worried about what he tweets on a whim. His latest tweetvolvement in Pelosi attack, Taiwan and his similar burps will create more baggage for him. He needs to focus on business and stay out of politics and geo politics.

    2. an unbecoming comment, especially from a youtuber broadcasting from his armchair.
      People who invested their money are entitled to worry about impact on their investment that is not related to the business.
      And it’s not like the concerns, are without any logic.
      Not your best comment Dillon
      A fan (usually)

    3. @23Eladdo people had opinions and views on the Corona virus, that didn’t make them virologists. Same here, people can have thoughts, opinions and fears, that doesn’t make them acquisition specialists

  2. Sure but it’s going to take a lot of work to turn around the dying company. And that’s time taken away from Spacex and Neuralink which are what I hope he spends the most time on…

    1. Patching up the edifice *everything else depends on* isn’t a worthy factor?
      Elon’s LIFE goes to waste if civilization collapses or a severe USA civil war transpires. Then your investment is worth the electronic bits it’s made of, zero.

    2. SpaceX and Tesla and even Neurolink ( all separate companies) have the best engineers on the planet. Elon doesn’t need to be on site doing things like he used to do. Considering that Twitter is on nearly every newspaper of the world right now, I would hardly call it dying.

  3. All of elons friends and family also said that investing in TSLA was a mistake and that he would loose all his money.

    1. You mean, just like when they told him NOT to get into Rockets? ie SpaceX. They were sending him videos of rockets exploding etc but he said… “I’m going to make mankind inter-planatory”. Meaning a big FU to all the nay-sayers. Cheers.

    2. @Xploration Sadly no. The last time I was in the USA I spent all my time in California and wasn’t able to travel further.
      However, I’ve been following Elon Musk since his days at PayPal. That’s how I know all the issues he had with both Tesla Motors and SpaceX and saw the video interviews where Elon related all those stories re rockets exploding. Being retired I have the spare time. Yes, I’m an Elon fanboy(man) and Tesla shareholder since early 2019.

    1. @Malax 40% growh is already way down from the peak!If they talk about 50% growh into the future,and they cant do it even now,how much problems will they have in a resession?My forcast is 46% growh this year and 36% next year and 25% in 2024 and 15% in 2026 and lower margins every year,and if Tesla is lucky they will sell 6 million cars in 2030!

  4. “Don’t anger the archons!” Wimps. This will work out for the better. I’m long-term.
    I’m all for what he is doing. That’s one of the main reasons I’m invested in Tesla instead of all the other mega-companies that hate me and and work in lockstep with the authoritarians.

    1. The real authoritarians today are the Russians, Chinese, Saudis and so on, and they just love to manipulate the free media in the West to sow chaos. Elon looks to me so naive about the reality of international affairs and history that he might give them free reign to do that.

  5. As a Tesla shareholder, I’m beyond delighted that Elon has secured his ability to communicate with his 110M+ and growing following.

    That’s a pure gift to Tesla shareholders.

    Before this, one errant tweet could have shut that off without notice.

    1. @mccreary637 NOTHING has changed for Elon Tweeting!
      He wasn’t restrained by the Twits anyway, just his own judgement which is pretty darn good with a few notable exceptions.

      His entire LIFE is wasted if civilization or just the USA collapses, and none of your paper investments will be worth the bits they are made of.

    2. @mccreary637 YEAH! Anyone who questions authority is a target if they matter at all.

      Was a time not so long ago, American hippies, had slogans like: *Question Authority* and it still stands today, always will. But the Left has completely flipped to ‘worship authority’ or you are the enemy.

      Are you so narrow as to believe Tesla can exist in a vacuum?? aka. Anarchy? It CANNOT. Elon has not changed by but instead changing the world. You are asking for a fundamental contradiction of character.

      Elon’s *success is tied to his courage and candor* You can’t have it both ways, nor does your money mean anything when civilization collapses.

      See the connections???

    3. Elon’s always had the ear of his 110M followers. The difference now is that he’s emboldened/freed to turn-up the outrageous factor. I envision many ways this has then potential to be harmful to him, Twitter, and Elon’s pursuits. At best it has the potential to expose Elon’s potential for hypocrisy.

    4. @Vermont’s Own Boy The difference now is that the channel will always remain open.

      I thought we already covered that.

  6. Nice video as usual. I hold TSLA positions. Political concerns aside, I worry that Twitter would suck up valuable resources that could otherwise be devoted to advancing Tesla. A bunch of issues right now to be solved, large and small: various build quality problems of Tesla cars (just don’t understand why they still exist today, what a shame), cyber truck (while its competition is quickly ramping up), a cheaper model maybe (many including me are waiting for a Tesla car around $35K), 4680 battery, FSD, and perhaps more remotely the Tesla bot. Then, on the technology side, don’t see anything meaningful Twitter can contribute to Tesla. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Feels as if, Tesla is a cow Elon just milked and bought a worthless toy call Twitter. One reason he bought this toy was that kids who own the toy did not allow him to play with the toy the way he wanted.

    2. “I worry that Twitter would suck up valuable resources that could otherwise be devoted to advancing Tesla.”
      Yeah that spray paint shop in the middle of twtr HQ should be reconsidered.

    3. I find it interesting that people think the best engineers in the world do nothing until Elon hits the door. Elon is not the full innovation of Tesla, he is just the face of it.
      No single man could commit to a single project on that list and make the impacts you assume to be made alone. There are thousands of people like Elon, doing it every day to make the gains they do. Some do an even better job at what they do than Elon would be capable of. (gasp)

  7. Thank you Dave. Once again you are the voice of reason. I was just in the Turks and Caicos at a celebration dinner by some Greeks who remember the day Greece said NO to the Nazis. There were people gathered round the table from 6 different countries. I asked what people thought of Elon. The answer was “yes we love him, he is a genius”

  8. Good show Dave! Could there also be upside with integration potential between Twitter and Tesla through SW architecture alignment? And Starlink? In other words, communication app development that utilizes all of the assets under X

  9. Thank you Dave. I’ve been having these thoughts rolling around the past few days wondering how distracted Elon is going to be trolling / responding to controversy. It also occurred to me that India or Indonesia might scale back cooperation with Tesla if he doesn’t remove certain dissident voices that fly in the face of the government

  10. I think Elon is focused on the problems/risks of humanity and communication, rather than shareholders permanent doubts

    I think doing the right thing is usually worth it
    I’m glad for humanity; Thanks Elon

    1. @pol pol Go away spam bot. A human can parse the entire history of another person and make correct assessments of character and intent. If you are human, then go correct your ignorance of Elon’s record of (almost superhuman) achievement and his highly consistent ethos.

  11. It’s even more right to be a Tesla investor facing the theories. I’m not in to see my bank account go in the “right” direction, but the world.

  12. Thanks for the video Dave I’m looking forward to seeing what Elon does with Twitter I think this will be a huge thing for humanity in the long run.

  13. Sure he makes so many mistakes all the time,but he has a good team that tells him when hes wrong!He just has to listen more to people who know what they are talking about!

  14. Elon definitely needs to hire a new “Chief Twit” ASAP. His plan to institute a Twitter governing board is paramount …. he needs to step out of the quasi-political spotlight and, as you say, allow himself to function in the realm that he does best – engineering and product / manufacturing management.

  15. As a very small stock holder … I was appalled at his tweet this morning. It was such a bad tweet he took it down. It was inhumane.

  16. Thank you for your thoughtful and well-reasoned observations; far better than other channels I have seen. In my mind, one key difference with this acquisition is that it is not a pure technology play, given that it’s focus is human communication and humans are wild cards. In particular, with the polarized tribalism in our world today, navigating what is appropriate free speech vs. what is not is all but impossible. Then, Elon will have to monetize it to make the business work and people who disagree with how the moderation works may not want to pay for the app. The other side of the coin is that I don’t see how this purchase furthers shifting us to renewable energy or making us multi-planetary.

  17. Even if this Twitter acquisition has a long term negative impact on Tesla’s valuation, as a Tesla shareholder, I’d still be happy that he bought it because Free Speech is of paramount importance. Censorship is evil.

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