Google’s new ChatGPT competitor REVEALED (Ep. 725)

I just got a welcome to attempt Google's Bard, a ChatGPT rival. So, I put OpenAI's ChatGPT GPT-4 and Google's Bard to the test with the very same prompts, and see who wins this obstacle.

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Google's new ChatGPT competitor REVEALED (Ep. 725)

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  1. 3:40 it looks like GPT-5 will take “beat duolingo” as a prompt, and respond with a zip folder containing working android and ios apps.
    I sound insane to myself, but when all of the individual skills are coming together this fast, as well as its ability to coordinate them, what else could happen?

    1. Bard admits Chat GPT-4 is way more advanced at this juncture. Like Dave, I got an invite from Google to “take it for a spin”. Bard can only understand English for now.

  2. I found GPT4 still lacking precision, I gave it a quick test involving rules and regulations as to insurance coverage, a relatively simple exercise.
    On par with your programming request in its outcome.

  3. 4:29 “And it shows that, I think, GPT-4 is understanding not just the basic thing but what to do with it.”
    I think GPT-4 really isn’t understanding anything. I’d say it’s highly effective at predicting the next word in generating an apparently sophisticated description of a product development plan. (I’d surmise that, in the billions of words in its database, there are at least a few product plans that align fairly closely with GPT-4’s output.)

    1. When GPT can provide an intelligent answer, it is enough to conclude that it understand languages and the reply demostrates its ability to reason. What you are pointing out is just part of the mechanism that LLM uses to form its response. Do you know how our brain understand and form reasoning?

  4. Both have their pros and cons. Making an AI that is current means it needs to be trained more frequently and as such the training time is constrained- limiting the quality of the results. Since ChatGPT uses old data they can train it over longer periods and get better results

  5. Dave,
    That was a fine intro & demo of the capabilities! It really helped me understand the capabilities!

    Cheers, Eric

  6. Will be interesting to see when ChatGPT is getting the new plugins to help it access external information.

  7. Dave,
    Thanks for a good analysis.
    I prefer to use Google Bard because it uses the latest data (available through Search) and, unlike ChatGPT, is not restricted to Sept 2021.
    Although ChatGPT gives more sophisticated output, I am prepared to live with a simpler output (provided that it is accurate).

  8. Nicely done Dave. That was a very extensive test of both systems. It seems as though Open AI needs to update their system to include the most recent information.

  9. Hello Dave this was very interesting study of yours the GTB4 seams to have a more human approach, great vlog very thoughtful and concise 👍

  10. That was a very interesting comparison thanks Dave, it seems ChatGPT is more refined and developed, Google seems to do things from an engineers perspective first and UX second, I remember Google Wave, great idea in theory but only engineers knew how to use it, like Jobs said you need to start from user experience and work backwards, I look forward to seeing how Bard evolves.

  11. Thank you for effort to illustrate the capabilities of AI models. Since we are just beginning to see what an impact they will have in the future it is important to become familiar with this new way of communication. The answers that will be generated will have an significant impact on the users and the narrative behind the model will become very relevant since it gets to have an increasing influence on the audience. We will have to watch out what the consequences are.

  12. I think Google is trying attract the masses with short answers and seems ideal to integrate with search. Chatgpt seem to be better but it’s Long answers may not be attractive over time, it will carter to specific use cases.

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