Full Breakdown of how Tesla CRUSHED Q2 Earnings (Ep. 625)

Tesla simply released their quarterly incomes!

Read TSLA Q2 2022 Investor Letter:

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Full Breakdown of how Tesla CRUSHED Q2 Earnings (Ep. 625)

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  1. This made me realize stock investing is really just a gamble on your feelings. I wanted to add shares when it dropped to $630. Ended up only buying 10 because a lot of “experts” and voices said it could go as low as 400-500. From now on I will just buy base on my gut feelings. If I lose it’s amount that I am willing to lose.

    1. But now if it goes to $500 you’ll be even more pissed.

      It is funny how an i investor reacts to certain things though, you have one side sayinf tesla should be 2000+ another side saying it should be as low as 300, then you have both sides saying it’ll take time for their thesis to come true but then when there’s one good or bad day the other side will jump all over it.

      The funniest part is both sides can be right.

    2. Some say “Do your own research” I don’t have an MBA or an SEC license. I follow some voices like Dave that show success and I have gone all in on Tesla with very good results. Most of us don’t know what we don’t know and that applies to investing. I’ve paid a lot of “experts” to lose my money, since I decided to do it myself, much much better results. BTW, I invested in Tesla before I found the YouTube community of Tesla voices………

  2. Wow was able to listen at 2.0 playback speed! Didn’t miss a syllable! Great stuff Dave! Am hodling my few shares of Tesla!

    1. Which is an awesome option for those in a time pinch. My humble suggestion for Dave would be to slow down. He seems like he’s in a race to push out the info. He would obviously win that race, unless the competition is an auctioneer. If a listener is in a hurry, they can increase playback speed. For the rest of us, take a breath brother😉
      Great breakdown BTW.
      THANK YOU!

  3. Hi, Dave. Given that their finance performance shows very positive side during the worst time, how would you speculate whether TSLA will get Investment grade or not?

  4. Thanks for a relatively quick synopsis of the letter. I appreciate it. Please do a 10 minute one on the call too.

  5. I will hold my Tsla stocks as long as you analyze and report,Dave.I have so much confidence in your reporting.You are just awesome.

  6. The 50% annual growth is an average. Some years will be much higher and some might be lower (look at all the challenges due to Covid). Politics and Politicians are always a risk. This growth estimate does not include Cybertruck. I may be optimistic but I think Cybertruck could sell more than 1 million units per year. It also could ramp production faster than expected.

  7. Thanks DL for the concise breakdown & forecast.
    Just a suggestion: Start to factor in competition in Tesla numbers. Forget about other legacy motors, but be aware of China’s BYD on Tesla’s heels. ICYMI China encouraged Tesla into Shanghai, and are using FSD IP to advance their other EV brands (surely Elon realized this would happen?). It’s good that FSD data HQ is in USA.

    1. It’s irrelevant as long as the waiting list for cars is huge.
      And you can bet that when the first cybertruck drives out the door the waiting list will NOT disappear.

    2. That’s why I own both tesla and byd. I also bought some polestar. Something tells me they are going to do real well with the 19 markets they can ship too. I feel it’s a long stake but don’t want to miss out. Go tesla

  8. Great job Dave this is a solid financial result for Q2 given the challenges of factory shutdown and supply chain shortages. Now we can only look forward to hopefully a blockbuster Q3 and Q4 production ramp up 👍🙌😎

  9. I’m still amazed that analysts are comparing Tesla to other auto manufacturers like it’s apples to apples. It’s a computer vision AI company that makes cars, robots and power systems. Holding from 125 to 15k in 2025!

  10. Tesla stocks did so well in 2020 and early 2021 but you cannot say same today, Tesla stock is volatile and has suffered several corrections along the way to its current high valuation. And if the stock reacts as it did during the 2020 stock split, waiting may not be the best decision for investors.

    1. The truth is building a good financial-portfolio has been more complex since covid, so I would recommend you seek professional support.

    2. Tesla is a good stock, knowing when to buy is the best part. If you are not conversant with the markets, I’d advise you to get some kind of advise or assistance from a financial/investing coach. It might sound basic or generic, but getting in touch with a financial adviser was how I was able to outperform the market and raise a profit of $250,000 since Jan. For me, its the most ideal way to jump into the tesla market these days

    3. @Chris Millson please who is the financial adviser that assist you with your investment and if you dont mind, how do i get in touch with them?

  11. 2,563 / 5,000
    Translation results
    If a stock goes from $13 to $88…
    Does it really matter if you bought it at $11.24 or $13.75?
    If you find a GREAT company that checks all your boxes, invest!

    1. It won’t matter to me if it’s only a $2 or $3 difference. Yes Great companies are definitely worth investing although I would sell at some point down the road. It’s always good to hold some cash to buy when opportunities comes along!

    2. @Anton Hollerbach Of course! 😃
      Everyone has different financial plans/goals. Whatever that may be, trimming, selling, holding, are all acceptable.
      Just varies from person to person.

    3. @Isaac Cartwright In order for us to prepare for the future we need to look into safer investment with good prospect . If you have the mindset of investing 5 years ahead and just keep DCA every time you get paid. My portfolio have accrued gains of about $130k under the guidance of my investment -Advisor “Michelle Francis Elo” whose skills in portfolio diversification are unmatched and client-centered

    4. @Boris shrage Wow! That’s incredible. How can i reach this Advisor? I need to take advantage of this bearish market.

  12. great to the point report as always, thank you.
    I have to warn you though, my wife is thinking that I’m taking financial advice from someone who lives in his car!
    just joking Dave, live tat Xcaper life to the max!

  13. I am new to the stock market. Every stock
    that I bought so far, I was out of luck
    because I bought them when they were
    expensive. I feel I missed on all the stock
    opportunities so far for the tech stocks.I
    believe having 100k yearly income would be a good investment so I want to plug all my savings into the stock market. I know this sounds a bit dull but I would like to know if I should learn investing or let somebody else (more capable like a Financial coach) do it for me? Please share your thoughts. I am kind of tired of searching for a good stock to buy and loosing all the good opportunities.

    1. Before investing, I would highly recommend
      you to read a few books before. Books like
      Common stock and uncommom profits and
      the intelligent investor. They will help you a

    2. Find stocks with market-beating yields
      and shares that at least keep pace with the
      market long term. However, for a
      successful long- term strategy you have to
      seek guidance from a financial advisor.

    3. You are right! If you are not conversant with
      the markets, I’d advise you to get some kind
      of advise or assistance from a financial/
      investing coach. I diversified my $400K
      portfolio across various market with the aid
      of an investment advisor, I have been able to
      generate a little bit above $1.4m in net profit
      across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and
      bonds this red season. For me, its the most
      ideal way to jump into the market these

    4. Dollar cost average on an index fund, that’s all you need to do. Avoid lumps sums, just invest the same amount every week/month depending on your income setup

  14. *Your videos are always the best to receive a notification each time you post a new video.. We’ll have regrets for things we did not participate in…..Investment should always be on any creative man’s heart for success in life.*

  15. Tesla hasn’t faired badly, given that, according to it on it’s shareholders letter: Supply chain challenges, in particular global semiconductor shortages and port congestion, continued to be present in Q2.

    1. @Merissa Dean On the issue of the stock market, the thing is, it’s the way it is because, there will always be people who: sell at highs therefore bringing it down. Panic sales due to price dropping, therefore bringing it lower. Buy at the lows, bringing it back up. Buy back in while it’s rising. These are just a handful of the factors that, when you take time to study well, you will see you re making no mistake holding.

    2. @Merissa Dean Strategy also plays a very vital role. For one to likely succeed in the market, a proper laid-out strategy is required and you need to always monitor the lines, great investors/traders do not panic on the dips because that’s when they make their profits. But then, they, the great ones we look up to, they don’t just jump in, they come with a strategy. very important.>

    3. @Bridget Hernandez Indeed, having a good strategy is sine qua non in stocks. This is why it’s advised one finds a brokerage advissor to follow their trading pattern and strategy. you can never go wrong with this. A very convenient way to maintain a profitable portfolio that defeats the myriad of challenges that face the market. Reason I settled for “Stephanie Priscilla Bonillo” on my investmnts. Since most traders tend to go into the market and get out at a quick profit or lOss, I’ve learned to be more patient. At the end, they miss out on juicy returns out of fear and impatience.

    4. @instinctively_awesome Yeah, I know right. but the thing is, this is where the expertise of the resource persons and advisors are needed most. They understand exactly what to purchase, and at when, plus when to bounce before getting caught up in a distressing dip. You look Stephanie up on the internet. She definitely has a page for interactions and consultations.

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