Explaining the 2022 Tesla Stock Drop w/ Gary Black (Ep. 701)

I'm signed up with by Gary Black (managing partner of The Future Fund) as we talk about Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter and its impact or non-impact to TSLA and Tesla.

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Explaining the 2022 Tesla Stock Drop w/ Gary Black (Ep. 701)

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  1. Elon is smart and will correct as he goes, he also will come up with a value feature to Twitter that nexts it out of the Park!

  2. Love your channel. I’m a 68 yr old grandma investor. Built a Inc 500 company, retired and now learning the world of stocks. I’m excited to keep buying TSLA with long term…well for me that’s 5-10 lol. I also support mission outreaches for the poor and hurting. Go Tesla

  3. Dave – respectfully- advertisers are not going to spend the same with Twitter because twitter has fundamentally changed. More than 50% of the staff including those with deep relationships with advertisers are probably gone. Why would they take a risk with this unknown entity? Gary makes a valid point. This has nothing to do with Elon’s political leanings. This is risk management

  4. Perspectives…Good to get a significantly different one from Gary, since there’s a gigantic pile of financial power from the world that he focuses on. Uncomfortable, frustrating perhaps… I think it’s worth doing a post-mortem on the interview. I’d be VERY interested in hearing your ‘reaction video’! Thank you, Dave SoCalFreddy

  5. Thanks for having Gary Black on your show. Such an experienced and intelligent investor. Real quality. Not a word wasted A wonderful opportunity to listen and learn.

  6. Great interview. Thanks for pushing back a bit Gary Black – our views align on this one. The narrative around Twitter is horrific. I hear regular non-technical people talking about a Twitter meltdown all of the time. I wish Elon never bought Twitter. It adds no value to his portfolio… only problems.

  7. As usual, Gary is fair, balanced and very well researched. That’s why other opinions seem to be so bad. Thank you, Gary and thank you Dave for interviewing him.

  8. This is why I love Gary. Not afraid go go against the flock. The obvious suspects blaming everything possible on wokeness are, themselves, in a woke-like bubble. Gary knows there’s more ground truth reality than this simplicity.

  9. Very insightful interview! Thanks for extracting Garry’s views on your questions. BTW, as always great questions Dave 👍 One minor criticism if you don’t mind – you’re usually better at not interrupting your guests. But I’m ok with this style if the guest doesn’t feel a pinch

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