Elon Musk’s SHOCKING first day as Twitter CEO (Ep. 691)

If Elon Musk can revive Twitter and 10x or perhaps 100x the value Twitter provides, then it'll go down as one of the greatest company turnaround stories of our generation. What do you believe – can Elon Musk do it or not?

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  1. Well, at least the press remains “consistent”. I optimize my accuracy with them by taking what they say and turning it about 180 degrees.
    Meanwhile, I buy and hold Tesla stock for the family.

  2. Thank God the power that goes along with this is in the hands of someone like Elon. I can think of no better to make the needed changes.

  3. I am sure Twitter employees were surprised at Elon becoming the new boss, they don’t know who Elon is?! Who is this guy? How can he be in charge? Twitter employees didn’t vote for him! lmao

    1. @Yourcrazybear LOL yes that made me laugh as well. The wording was WE DEMAND and not even respectfully demand , just like a child having a temper tantrum.Who on earth do they think they are?

    2. @zenoist2 That’s a good question. Too many of these tech companies have let that kind of behavior pass so now they are stuck with this kind of detrimental people.

  4. Thx Dave for calling out the media and their dystopian portrayal of Elon and his companies. You did it with much more class and panache then I ever could.

  5. Well said, Dave. I only hope Twitter doesn’t consume more than 1 day a week for Elon (I’m a TSLA investor of course, besides SpaceX, Boring Co., etc.). Twitter turnaround won’t happen on its own, and there’s a whole culture to change. I hope he finds some key doers to run the transformation while he’s away and before he comes in weekly to tweak direction and priorities.

    1. No no he will just going to give few weeks then he is done. Then he will just give few hours in a week.

  6. I agree with you David, the frequency with which the media “Cries Wolf” anytime Elon farts goes to your point of being skeptical of what we hear in the media. I’m excited about what his weapons-grade intellect might do with Twitter. Our social evolution could sure use some help. The disparity between our technical evolution and our social is alarming.
    Thanks for your work David!

    1. I was devastated as a child to find out the Queen of England went to the toilet, now your saying the King of Technology farts — it’s unbelievable!

    1. @Cheby Chvse “Would much prefer a middle aged Steve Jobs”

      Why? Just look at how Elon’s companies executes.

  7. What people call “unpredictability” is in fact flexibility and rapid adaption to changing information and circumstances. “Be ready with printouts.” OK, looks like other priorities came up, so shred them and tomorrow is another day.

    I imagine Elon planned ahead to give himself at least one or two solid weeks at twitter, barring emergencies at his other companies. And he’ll be working through the weekend too.

    1. @Bo McGillacutty At the time nearly everyone quite rightly believed it most likely was a hoax. Plenty of conservative outlets acted like it was true even though they had zero way of knowing. You sound pretty paranoid, to be honest. BTW, there is no mastermind conspiracy “controlling” anybody. It’s just people, with lots of different ideas and priorities, some selfish and bad, some trying to do the right thing, all in a very complex society & government.

      Trump is borth a criminal and a moron. If you cannot see that, you are beyond help.

    2. @dave lee are you moderating this Bo McGillacutty guy’s comments? Or is he getting reported and auto-moderated by youtube? I see no value in silencing these wackos unless it is disruptive… though it might help with my compulsion to respond their idiocy! lol! 😭😭😭

    3. @Scott Graham How is Trump a criminal? Be specific please. And then maybe compare to the most blatant criminal ever in the WH which is Biden, OPENLY owned by the UAW mafia and far worse–apparently receiving graft from foreign nations like Ukrainians which is now receiving it back in MY TAX dollars 1000 to 1?

      Yeah Trump is cringy, including when he said: “I’ll bomb Moscow if Putin invades Ukraine” I don’t like hearing that from my prez but it beats real war, and you think it was coincidence Putin waited?? I don’t. Did YOU EVEN KNOW HE SAID THAT? If not–case in point *you/WE are being manipulate!* GET IT YET?

      Or when Trump lectured (I always cringe when ‘we’ lecture anyone else) about Germany being beholden to Putin for energy while smug Germans smirked in the background. He was obviously correct even if delivered poorly.

    4. @Scott Graham The IRONY here is amazing, you represent the precise reason why Elon had to take over the Twits.

      I gave you a hell of a lot more credit, expect far more than such mental frailty.
      No wonder you never get laid, hmmm? Pussifcation of America personified.

      Do you not see how I had more reason to snivel and whine over this than YOU did? I was careful not to insult until you started it over nothing.

      “Strong men make good times.
      Good times make weak men.
      Weak men make hard times.”

    5. What people call “unpredictability” is their own inability to understand what’s going on. People working at Tesla doesn’t seem to have that kind of problem.

  8. Hopefully he will soon include a function in Twitter where people can rate the truthfulness of media sources and journalists as he has mentioned before.

    1. Thruthfullness bases on the viewer? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s going to be VERY VERY BIASED. 1+1=2, but you’re telling me if enough people deem this to be untrue then it becomes untrue? 🤣

    2. Yeah, let the people vote on what is true or not. Per review, means nothing but reviewed by the uninformed public means everything.

  9. Thank you for bringing the truth! I am a huge Elon fan, he’s a visionary, obviously. Now i am a new subscriber!

  10. Thanks Dave for your always honest reporting about Elon. I am sick and tired of all the FUD being spread about everything Elon does. He should be admired not continually trashed by lame stream so called reporters.

  11. Elon has civilization improving goals and he’s willing and able to do what it takes to achieve them. Truly a unique and amazing combination of traits.

  12. He’s doing precisely what we’ve learned to expect & respect from our national treasure & global singularity, the new CEO of TWTR, Elon Musk. Anything less & we’d be perplexed.

    Thanks always Dave, for your quick, elegant updates. It’s always a joy 2 see your vids pop up! 🎯

  13. The primary problem to overcome is the current Twitter culture. I believe there are very few employees there that can (or are willing to) adapt to high expectations and long hours. Don’t see it happening. Nearly all the current employees will be gone within a year.

  14. What Elon is doing sounds a lot like what Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison would do if they were suddenly in charge of Twitter.

  15. As is the case with most human behavior, media is no different in loathing that which they don’t understand! Thanks for a great video Dave.

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