Elon Musk, Twitter, and Tesla – What We Know w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 697)

I'm signed up with by Emmet Peppers as we discuss Elon Musk's overhaul of Twitter, dangers involved, prospective ahead, TSLA, and latest Tesla topics.

The surprising causes of the labor scarcity|An economist explains why it's even worse than you think:

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Elon Musk, Twitter, and Tesla – What We Know w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 697)

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  1. A successful transition of Twitter is going to be extremely difficult because it’s not a traditional engineering problem. There will be many roadblocks to overcome where the solution is not amenable to traditional engineering methods. I personally am not overly confident that this will be a successful venture. Time will tell and I will definitely keep my eyes and ears attuned to what happens.

  2. Dave you hit the nail on the head! We lost a lot of labor in the pandemic. We lost a lot of expertise that was never passed on about old tech . That expertise was lost and because the government has been sloooow to transition to new tech, there is no one to fill a lot of those old tech jobs! Time and interest rates will not change that dynamic!

    1. Reckless unscientific shutdowns and mandates did terrific damage, throw the Authoritarian Leftists to the curb. NO amnesty from me, Fauci and others need to be prosecuted.

  3. I don’t see inflation receding due increased wages and high fuel costs. No one talks about the sudden and sharp increase in wages . Dave’s view about the fed having an unclear view due to labor might be spot on. Valid point. Lots of people left the work force, increase wages to fill openings, more people have multiple jobs.

  4. Very good insights on how Elon and Twitter will overcome this initial inertia. I still think they need to change the name. Thanks!!

  5. In 20 years no one will remember that Elon changed twitter, but it will help prove his breath of ability. Electric cars, space stations and robots will be his legacy.

  6. My hope is that somebody can persuade Elon to shut up about politics. I agree that he wants to make good changes in the World, but he is not being perceived as serious – only provocative.

  7. I still think Twitter acquisition was a bad mistake. Elon is great but still a human with definite limitations on how much stuff a human can efficiently handle..

    1. Its not about Twitter, its about what he’s going to build with it.
      Elon created PayPay, now he’s going to do 2.0

    1. Helping his reputation *enormously* from everyone except the Authoritarian Leftists…they may be dismissed without consideration, you can’t comply your way out of tyranny or appease lunatics.

  8. I’ve invested our retirement in Tesla, we have that strong of confidence in it’s mission and it’s ability to execute. That said, the notion of “hemming in” Elon to keep him from fixing other issues like addressing the polarization of the US’ politics for the “sake of Tesla stock” sure doesn’t seem right. The US is founded on exceptional ideal, unlike any other country. Elon Musk embodies the best of the US; hard work, honesty, risk management (not risk avoidance), industry, earning rewards, generosity, standing up to bullies, standing up for the right thing.

  9. The fed has no control over poor supply chains, the war in Ukraine, or virus lock downs in China and else where which are the primary reasons for inflation. Raising interest rates in the US and around the world and the run off of the balance sheet will reduce demand.
    Those other issues will need to sort themselves out over time. Apple and the shut down of their iphone pro production will have a huge impact on their numbers and xmas shopping results.

  10. Twitter: perhaps one of the greatest business blunders in recent history. An absolute 180 in terms of both vision and basic common sense.

    Next stop for Elon will be a series of BK’s expertly designed to protect his assets.

    Elon Trump for President.

  11. Energy independence is the biggest world wide goal for every government right now – because of the War in Ukraine, and worries about China & Taiwan. This means that Tesla energy with it’s mega packs are going to be in huge demand going forward. So the energy side of Tesla business could sky rocket from now onwards.

  12. One thing to always remember: when you buy in with Elon, you buy into his way of doing and thinking. If you can’t stomach that, it’s time to move on. People should be kissing the ground the guy with the most money is in favor of free speech and is fighting a Western societal problem right now of divisional thinking.

  13. This Twitter saga reminds me of the new automatic seat heaters added to my Tesla recently. I’m reminded again how awful this feature is after I discover I’m uncomfortable and have to turn it off and wait awhile for the seat to cool down. Elon took away our button from the screen and now tells us when and how much seat heat we want. This type of foolish arrogance is symbolic of what drove Elon to take on the Twitter mess to the detriment of Tesla. A seemingly insignificant features packed full of answers. We’re so focused on Twitter we’re not looking ahead to Elon’s next destructive move, which will come.

  14. I see his capitulation to complete the deal when he did was to ensure the mid-terms were not biased as much as it could have been, so that was the urgency but the long term state is very much his mission.

  15. Elon should do a couple things to stabilize Twitter and the overall perception of his business prowess. First, he should hire a PR team at Tesla to send periodic news releases about the various benchmarks and events so they can be framed in a positive light before the FUD washes over everything. Second, Tesla should launch a massive advertising campaign on Twitter as a huge flex move that provides stability to Twitter while drawing massive awareness of Tesla during a recessionary economy. These two moves would reverse the negative impression on both companies and provide a positive framing of the changes as strategic and synergistic. This would flip the script on the current narrative that Elon is a loose cannon that is in over his head and instead make him look like the strategic genius that we all know he is.

  16. Dave great chat today, loved it. Agreed 100% on how Elon is admist heading up one of the biggest turnover stories of of our time (Twitter). I wanted to ask, what software were you using filming your interview with Emmet? Zoom, Streamyard? Thanks

  17. Hey Dave, I think part of the missing work force you forgot about is the amount of people that became creators, over the pandemic there’s been a large shift to those that can make a living on creator networks like; Twitch, patreon, onlyfans, YouTube, etc.

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