Elon Musk, TSLA, Politics w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 601)

I'm joined by Emmet Peppers as we go over Elon Musk on politics, TSLA, woke mind virus, and the stock market.

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Elon Musk, TSLA, Politics w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 601)

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  1. Thanks Guys what a difference to my life because of watching you guys.
    Asa group we can really be a force for good in the World

  2. Not watched it, yet, but I already want to say: Thank you, Dave and Emmet.

    Edit: ok watched it now. This was 1 of your best. I’m no US citizen and I love to hear that there are still discussions on policy that are more than a cage fight. The USA is too important to fail. I hope you really are part of „70 %“.

  3. 50:48 I’ve been predicting it to go down to ~$330 because that would be ironic (happened in March 2020 as well), and according to Elon irony is a decent reason for the universe to make something happen 😅

  4. I love to see your videos together.
    I hope James Douma will come again soon for FSD 10.12.

  5. Emmet Peppers, you hit the nail exactly on the head when you said there’s a big problem with the advertising Clickbait business model.

  6. I want to believe that the call to staff Tesla’s legal team is because Self Driving is on the horizon. Elon’s shift in focus from Tesla to Twitter also makes me want to believe that.

    1. Hope you r right. I rather they spend more on marketing to bring facts and truth to consumers than litigation to put out fire. Btw the media needs job to exist and they can be hired. Good guys also need more friends.

    2. 😂 Big reach… he made it pretty obvious he intends to amass a dystopian hit squad of barely legal goons to quash the free speech of anyone who flicks his narcissistic rage switch.

    3. Is there a point to criticize politician on tweeter to create more enemies? Can’t he plan how many split for Tesla ? With 2 more Giga the stock price fall to 600 is damn 💩

  7. The problem with modern day politics is how tribal things have become. It’s truly a mind killer. Elon openly choosing a side alienates half of his followers because of this blind tribalism. If people were more rational, they’d take note of how Elon has tweeted that it’s stupid to call someone “left” or “right” thinking that the umbrella perfectly captures all their viewpoints on a plethora of different issues.

    Now you could then ask why doesn’t Elon vote for independents and maybe that’s a valid question that everyone needs to reconsider. As Elon said in the All In Summit, if there’s no threat to the democrats in California, they have no reason to respect their citizen’s wishes. Similarly, if there’s no threats to the 2 party system in America, the desire to represent the populace’s will becomes severely obstructed.

  8. You’ve done an absolute top notch job on this. Very informative! Investors should avoid picking stocks unless they are actually willing to research the company. If you listen to these YouTube guys and chase big returns by investing in the latest hot stock, you’re likely to overpay.

    1. I began investing through YouTube DIY
      and it’s not been smooth like I imagined. I have started looking for other options to recover my losses and quit investing for good. 5 years of labour left my bank account within months of trying to invest. Lesson learned.

    2. I’d suggest you look into passive index fund investing and learn some more. Buy Companies stock which you think has huge potential to grow. For me, I hired a stock expert and she provides entry and exit points on the security I focus on while I go about my other businesses. Investing has no one way to do it, eyes on the prize!!! Mistakes are expensive.

    3. That’s impressive result! How could someone go about a consultant for guidance? I could use the help really.

    4. My advisor is Donna Jean Boyette I found her in a business magazine where she was featured and reached out to her afterwards. You can look her up online if you care supervision, just search her name.

    5. Thanks for sharing, just looked up on google and I’m super impressed with her credentials. I dropped an email on her webpage and hope she replies soon.

  9. Really enjoyed your conversation and ability to discuss different perspectives on a variety of sensitive topics, while the majority of people seem to be pushed into a “one-opinion”-society where you’re automatically ‘anti any given topic’ if you don’t agree with the masses. Thank you!! 🙏🏻

  10. We have a Barra, and a Elon Musk. GM a going nowhere outfit extremely politically correct, but frozen in time, obsolete and staying alive thanks to sinister politics, with all the ingredients to strive in Russia, or to a lesser degree in China, where the power is built on corruption. then we have a Elon Musk constantly working somewhere in the technological future producing products so advanced as to have a disrupting effects on entire business segments, and prone to repeat similar feats on anything he puts his mind and interest in to. Elon is not a political beast, he doesn’t say the opposite of what he thinks, he has balls and courage to always stick his head above the crowd, he is coherent and believes in what he says and what he does. If we didn’t have an Elon Musk we should try to invent one. But he is not perfect in this corrupt world. Tesla? An the entire galaxy of all Elon smaller planets, is condemned to strive, the Genius in Elon will guarantees that. I fail to see a better CEO or Corp. in the entire stock market listing, with a better potential to solidly strive and shine now and in the future, than Tesla, thanks to its unique manufacturing blue print which gives them at least a 40% manufacturing cost advantage on all competitors. The present stock price is unrealistically oversold, but i would never sell any, because there is no one in the horizon capable to outshine Elon Musk Genius, and looking ahead the stock if you have enough of it will make you rich.

    1. @Vehicle Assassin Thanks, if Elon on my old age will not make a millionaire out of me no one else could be qualified to do it, considering everything that he is got going on for him at the same time and humming.

  11. Dave Portsoy did the same against the same people (Buisness Insider). He absolutely destroyed them, check out the story he never bowed down and won

  12. Before Elon announced his legal team, there was 6 hit pieces front page headline on Drudgereport

    … the next day, all gone.

  13. I’m siding with Dave here: Tesla should keep more cash that you think you need. What if suppliers want to be paid earlier (or need to in order to not go BK)? Not every company has as much cash on hand as Tesla. The supply chain crisis can potentially draw out for much longer than we suspect. We might have to deal with high inflation for as long as supply remains suppressed below demand.

    So I’d rather err on the side of holding a bit too much cash, have lower short-term return but strongly reduce any risk of liquidity crisis for Tesla. Cash pile has to be UNDENIABLY ample in order to avoid any drama (real or fabricated).
    ALSO: there will likely come up some interesting M&A targets in the next months or year. I want Tesla be able to take advantage of any such opportunity and still have massive cash afterwards.

  14. The problem with the ‘justice’ stuff is that Elon’s heightened sense of justice doesn’t always work out in reality. Like we just saw a court upholding the SEC deal. Thinking you’re right, being right and your right being aknowledged are three separate things. But, I hope that the legal team is actually a preparation for full FSD roll out because that is going to be peak FUD, as soon as an alpha FSD version is involved in a crash.

  15. Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve been defending Elon like crazy on Twitter recently and it’s so disheartening and exhausting. I know I can’t change anything 😆 but can’t help defending the guy. Nice to have some new perspective on things at times like this, so thanks again. I wish you could do more of these therapy sessions 😂

    1. @Timer Malloy I don’t understand how people can hate someone so much without knowing them beyond headlines. Very sad and frustrating 🙁

  16. Dave makes a great point at the end about keeping the cash in the business in case Tesla needs to weather a very long storm

  17. The financial markets seem to be suffering more than the real economy from the prospect of further Fed tightening, I seriously need suggestions on how to diversify my $500k portfolio made up of volatile TSLA.

    1. @Michael Rutjens very true, about 50% of my portfolio profit was from TSLA, GME and NIO, my financial-advisor was able to get me in early on most of these stocks .I’ve been able to scale from $350K to $970K

    2. @Chris Millson wow ,that’s stirring! Do you mind connecting me to your advisor please. I desperately need one to diversified my portfolio.

    3. @John Wes Having a coach is key to portfolio diversification, My advisor is “Nicole Ann Sabin” You can easily look her up, she has years of financial market experience.

    4. @Chris Millson I just looked up Ms Nicole online and researched her accreditation. She seem very proficient, I wrote her and scheduled a call.

  18. Very interesting discussion, thanks Dave and Emmet. I’m curious about how big the Twitterverse is. For those of us, myself included who don’t engage in the twitter whirlwind at all, it seems like a side show, not worth the main focus or really much of any focus. Whatever “influencers” have to say, it is just their opinion. They may have strong arguments but as we don’t really know most of those engaged on Twitter in an issue, the claimed facts have to be researched independently of the opinion. Whatever way Musk votes is not really our business, that’s the nature of free speech, right? In Twitter, I’m reminded of the 19th century term, the “ton” (pronounced “tawn”) from the French “Bon temps” adopted and modified by British society of the era. It indicated the elite social group whose fashion styles were envied by the rest of the community who “followed” the trends. Today we have “influencers” who are “followed” by others, envious and desirous of their perceived status, hanging on their every word, whispering about the latest “trending” object. Ah well, enough of my own opining and back to the discussion 😉

  19. Many investors/traders advice – that at the start of the bear market, you should sell and buy later on. My question – How do they know at the beginning of the correction – whether stocks would fall by 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% or more?

    1. Stock market is the only place where people leave when there’s massive discount sale happening.

    2. Two most important parameter to analyse while investing in a bear Mark is – 1. The business you’re planning to invest is Fundamentally Strong i.e., Having Competitive Advantage or not ! 2. Even after 10% 20% 30% down from ATH, is the *Valuation” correct or not.

    3. @Zahair O’Brian To manage investment risk consider maintaining a broad diversification of your investments that reflects your personal risk tolerance, time horizon, and the nature of your financial goal. Remember, diversification is an approach to help manage investment risk. It does not eliminate the risk of loss if security prices decline Because investing can be complicated. Consider working with a Financial Advisor to help guide you on your wealth-building journey if you’re just starting out.

    4. @clark Your assertion that as we age we become more risk-averse rings so much truth to me. Can you recommend any fiduciary Financial Advisor?

    5. @Zahair O’Brian *’Eileen Ruth Sparks’* does a good job. She is quite a genius in portfolio diversification. You can look her up on the web as she is SEC regulated.

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