Elon Musk surprises Tesla shareholders – SHOCKING (Ep. 730)

I share my thoughts on Elon Musk, Tesla, Optimus humanoid robot, FSD from the 2023 Tesla Annual Investor Fulfilling.

Tesla yearly shareholder conference video:

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Dave Lee on Parenting,.

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Elon Musk surprises Tesla shareholders – SHOCKING (Ep. 730)

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    1. What was said about advertising? Hopefully nothing but status quo. Gold doesn’t advertise itself.

    2. @dogfacedponysoldier87 that they’ll give it a try, since the shareholders seem to ask for it. It got the biggest applause from the crowd in the entire session

  1. Eventually people will want robots, but that’s more of a long term endeavor. People want cars right now.

    1. By the time i buy a tesla they will probably be throwing in a free bot as an added bonus ..😂

    2. Agreed. Bots arent gonna be a significant part of Tesla’s business for another 10 years minimum

  2. Wow Dave, so lovely that you’re taking your family on a world trip. Traveling provides invaluable education, and also helps overcoming a fear of “the other.” Have lots of fun, keep safe and healthy and best wishes for a rewarding experience.

    1. Also crucial for appreciating *and criticizing* America. Those who see nothing right or nothing wrong with the US have no perspective.

    2. @Bo McGillacutty Truly – everywhere has issues, the US is just often better at admitting them.

    1. Its much safer “out there” than it is “back home”. The rest of the world isn’t shooting its neighbours for fun. He should let his hair down and embrace the “wherever” instead …

  3. Travel and seeing the world is so important. Congratulations on being able to show your family that. More important so see the world in real life than on a screen or in school.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts to us Dave. Safe travels to you and your wonderful family. You are giving them a gift that will last them a life time!

  5. Dave, have a great family trip! I was lucky growing up that we could do a lot of traveling, driving across the country every summer hitting the national parks, plus a crucial, wonderful year spent on Europe. I recall you did a LOT of traveling yourself, so you want to pass that on to your kids! Just wonderful. All the best…

  6. Optimus should be scalable from childlike size to larger scale units for heavy duty use, for instance a unit that was say 16ft tall could do construction, painting, picking, placing heavy pallets in high storage areas, tree trimming, etc. So many dangerous jobs out there that are hard to fill.

    1. I don’t want a 16 foot tall robot who might go sentient someday and go on a rampage.

    2. Robots for those applications exist but they don’t need to take on human-like forms, as they can defeat the purpose and become intimidating. Human-like robots should be companions who are good at delicate and minutiae movements and able to acquire new skills like us.

  7. Great plan to travel with your kids. My family has spent this last year living abroad and it has been invaluable. The kids have gained an entirely new perspective on how people live.

  8. So nice to hear that about your upcoming trip. I’m writing this from Seoul (I live in CA) and travel has been a big part of my life. I think all children should travel to both bountiful places and also the many places in the world where life is not so easy. Safe travels!

  9. Good to see your very much appreciated take on yesterday’s Tesla Shareholders Meeting.
    Are you touring Portugal too? Great to travel with an RV, that’s for sure.

  10. Thank you, Dave! You got it, and most people in the audience (judging from their muted reaction) did not get it. The audience should have gone wild with this! Instead, they went wild over advertising?

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