Elon Musk on recession and why Tesla will become most valuable company ever (Ep. 629)

When do you think Tesla TSLA will end up being the most important company worldwide?

Enjoy the Tesla 2002 yearly shareholder conference:

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Elon Musk on recession and why Tesla will become most valuable company ever (Ep. 629)

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  1. Great! I’m glad i didn’t sell any shares . I strongly believe on tesla and Elon despite of all the noise for the past months

  2. Thank you David. Since the stock split was approved when will the split happen , sometime in September?

  3. That proposal 6 is very scary stuff indeed. It’s like allowing a trojan horse to destroy Tesla from the inside. I can see why it passed, and I don’t like it at all. Elon needs to be able to do all he wants with Tesla, the introduction of corporate puppets would be a terrible thing. This is a huge negative for the long term profitability of Tesla imo.

    1. Any entity holding enough shares to have that kind of impact will, by definition, have a heavily vested interest in seeing Tesla perform well. They may be skewed more towards the valuation end of the spectrum, but who would argue or stand in the way of Elon’s performance?

    2. I unfortunately agree the corps look for short term profits and could care less about long term sustainable growth! Just like politicians in most countries!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Dave for taking the time to do a recap on today’s stockholder meeting. I hope all is well with you and the family.

  5. I started off with one tsla in 2019. I now have 14 shares and a total of over $25,000 in profit from selling the highs and buying the lows. Tesla is so easy to trade and easy to make money. What a time to be alive.

    1. @Thomas Aquinas agreed. It’s not easy. And even earlier this year with drops, it’s not easy to stomach losses like that. I’d say the prior two years along with AMD help build that resiliency since Tesla has been a volatile stock.

    2. @Daniel Lo I have videos on my channel for proof during the crash and even drinking my sorrows away(Tea mind you) while the market was crashing hard and my advice remains the same.

  6. Trying to hold for the next 8 years, already been in for 2years before the split but this was a very bullish meeting. Will see where the price is at around 2027 hoping the price around 2200-2600 and that’s considering things don’t go as smoothly as might be expected.

  7. Dave: I was waiting for your summary, you’re masterful at summaries and you didn’t disappoint me! THANK YOU.

  8. The goal is not to help Tesla. The goal is to poison Tesla from the inside under the guise of “progressive-ism”. Thankfully the reactions from the live audience give me hope that retail is waking up to this woke absurdity.

    1. @Jason Coates I know, it’s ok. Maybe one day you’ll understand what “woke” is really about and how dangerous it is. Until then, just keep to yourself and avoid saying much at work or in public because it’s so easy for the “woke” crowd to take offense and try to cancel you. Be safe brother.

    2. @M Hods I was thinking about some retail investors. I agree with the overall statement 🙂 I am with you on that. The hate you observe in the online and personal world is absurd. It goes all the way to people not buying Tesla product because of how they perceive Musk and seriously believe he is a bad person. The amount of FUD on Tesla is unbelievable. There is hardly a positive article about Tesla or its products in the german press, be it paper or online, that is plainly positive. It always has to add some incident or bug from 3 years ago to finish it. But even outside of Tesla, journalists are now mostly driven by clicks. Even if the general news articles are well written, the titles, conclusions and details are often lacking. Speed and click counts, not quality and thought.

    3. @lapin46 Oh, my mistake. I thought you meant naivety from the institutions making the proposals. I agree with you 100%. I understand that some people just cannot wrap their heads around the fact that there are bad actors who are paid solely to lie and slander on behalf of powerful people who want to remain that way. Once a person understands this very basic human trait (that nobody wants to regress in life) all the bogus FUD becomes incredibly easy to spot.

  9. Another great concise video!
    Tesla with EVs alone will become one of the world’s biggest companies. If it succeeds wildly with just one of the following it will become the biggest: optimus, energy, auto-bidder, FSD, taxi.😃

  10. The real power of Tesla’s margin is once they have enough capacity to handle the volume they have the ability to lower the sale price of their vehicles below the cost of ICE vehicles and still sell them at a profit effectively putting legacy auto out of business.

    1. Yes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they never get to that point, legacy will go bankrupt regardless.

      Advertising and dealer networks burn most of their profits.

    2. Totally agree, EV’s so much better than ICE in nearly every way, however near term range anxiety and charging infrastructure, charging time need to and will improve.

  11. I agree – FSD can make Tesla most valuable company 🙂 And with bot – Tesla can become the ONLY company 😀

  12. Dave Lee on Investing plays a vital role in investor understanding of how the economy works and what the Tesla Company is trying to do.

  13. America is currently plagued with the hydra-headed evvil duo of inflation and recession. The worst part about this recession is that consumers are racking up credit card debt. In April alone, credit card debt went up 20% while rates have doubled in a year. Inflation is so high that consumers are literally taking debt for basic life necessities. Collapse has indeed begun.

    1. Inflation is gradually going to become part of us and due to that fact any money you keep in cash or in a low-interest account declines in value each year. Investing is the only way to make your money grow and unless you have an exceptionally high income, invessting is the only way most people will ever have enough money to retire. Reason I work with ‘’Stephanie Priscilla Bonillo’’ a portfolio manager who sets asset allocation that fits my tolerance and r!sk capacity, investmnt horizon, present and future goals. `

    2. @Chris BrentfordEven if you have a humongous pay you still need to draw up futuristic plans because anything can happen. One could lose one’s job or whatever. Investment cannot be overemphasized. About the manager, how does one reach pls

    3. @Sam Watsonbless you! Even with a good pay, one still can’t be guaranteed of the future. It’s what the present administration brought. On Stephanie, she’s got a webpage, go through it on the net.

    4. People don’t realize how bad the American economy is… it’s going to implode and collapse. Oil is looking like the previous major run up and probably peaking at 140-150

  14. I am aware that continuing to invest during periods of volatility can be a smart way to build wealth. I’ve heard testimonies of people accruing over $450k this red period. What measures can i take to ensure this?

    1. You’re right! The current market might give opportunities to maximise profit, but in order to execute such effective transactions, you must be a skilled practitioner.

    2. Absolutely, I am a project manager and my personal portfolio of approximately $550k took a big hit in April due to the crash. I quickly got in touch with a financial planner that devised a defensive strategy to protect and profit my portfolio this red season. I’ve made over $520k since then.

    3. @Ben Frankly who is this individual guiding you? I lost over $9000 just last week, so I’m in dire need for a financial-planner.

    4. @Earl Simpson You can do your research and be on the lookout for one with intelligent strategies who’ll help your portfolio maintain an unwavering and a progressive growth. Diana Claire Lougen is my FA. She has the Flexibility & Expertise to Meet Your Needs. Verify her yourself

    5. @Ben Frankly Thank you for this amazing tip. I just looked the name up, wrote her explaining my financial market goals and scheduled a call

  15. Concise and informative as usual…thanks Dave! Enjoy the Hoh rainforest…my old stomping grounds.

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