Elon Musk forms X Holdings – Is it for Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX? (Ep. 588)

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Elon Musk forms X Holdings – Is it for Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX? (Ep. 588)

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  1. I agree with your take, I wonder if he might just put his stakes into X Holdings. So it’s not necessarily a merger but it’s like Berkshire Hathaway owns stakes in companies.

  2. Had the same idea as an incubator holding company since he is constantly creating new ideas to develop like Hyperloop, Boring Co, Neuralink.

  3. Dave Lee, it is amazing that Elon took your idea of the X company. This is something you can tell your children and be proud of for generations

    1. Too bad he’s completely wrong about what this is. This is simply a holding company for Twitter investors and not merging companies and missions in any way. Elon was clear in the interview that’s not going to happen anyway

    2. @castamirNo. This wasn’t Dave’s idea. Elon had mentioned it about parent company back then in 2012.

      “He has mused about creating a parent as far back as 2012, and in 2020 he said calling it “X” was a “ good idea.” Musk also owns the domain “X.” Source: Bloomberg

  4. Congrats, Dave for expressing the idea of holding companies to Elon so long ago. Although Elon is still in charge, he already has capable people running operations like Gwynne Shotwell with SpaceX (and there is someone tested and vetted by Elon at Boring Company, Neuralink, and Starlink (new).

    Listening to Zach on the conference calls gives me confidence in the financials even if Zach might prefer the slightly lower side of estimates because it builds the confidence of investors when a company exceeds expectations, while Elon chooses to inspire employees who are also investors (strategy/logistics).

  5. Don’t know why it has to be Twitter. He could found and fund a similar service, make sure its policies are to his liking (free speech, for example). Cost much less, and it would soon be a major player; free to use and associated with Elon. A natural.

  6. Tesla bot will be another huge company once the world see’s how profitable it is having workers that can work around the clock, no overtime pay, no matching social security, no workman’s compensation claims, no work injury lawsuits, never complain, no sick or maternity leave, no health benefits or retirement plans, no lawsuits of any type, and they learn 100 times faster than humans.
    Once his robots are out there working it will become a trillion dollar company.

  7. Idea: Xstreaming – a company to produce movie/tv content to save us from the ongoing rubbish from Hollywood

  8. Starting a university sounds like a good fit for his employees to transition into as their expertise in different fields will pave the way for the younger and future generation to learn from and push the edge of technology even further. I do hope this is part of his plan for the future!

  9. I like keeping all the biz separate for protection against being “sued” as Elon mentions being sued constantly. A good recent example is 3M MMM has 2 big lawsuits that has hammered the stock price and will drag on for a long time.

  10. Thanks! Appreciate hearing your take so I can relax a little about what’s up with X holdings.

  11. porn Just kidding, if he actually did combine all these companies the analyst’s heads will explode they can’t even keep up with just Tesla!

  12. I have argued on your channel and on others that it doesnt make sense to have neuralink, AI, and Optimus all under the Tesla umbrella.
    There is maybe an argument for having the megapack business separate as well leaving Tesla as the “transportation” business – including robo-taxi.
    It seems to me that Elon has achieved the miracle of entrepeneurs and created a management team at Tesla that can take the business forward with minimal intervention – something by the way that Elon gets little credit for..
    The other thing that needs to be factored into things is the sheer amount of Intellectual Property held by Tesla/Elon, which could also be held, and is best held, and exploited by a Holding Company.
    So I would have one Holding company for the AI, Neuralink, and Optimus projects..
    The other Holding company would be set up to exploit all the intellectual property that has been created, everything from batteries to AI super computers to rocket engines to giga presses.

    1. Pretty sure he has made public all the patents from Tesla… For the good of humanity… What a guy…

  13. The holding companies will be containers for each one seperate to spin off sub compnies under a main umbrella i.e. holding 1 for tesla with spinn off car bot power ai as seperate divisions

  14. I completely reject the notion that Elon has limited time to live. In 35 years Elon will be elected to protect humanity and become God-Emperor of Mankind. He will then task Neuralink and Starlink to build the Golden Throne of Terra. (Which is not a chair, but a life support system and cybernetic interface connected to a communications network, through which the God-Emperor rules the domain of mankind)

    1. And if you don’t get the reference:
      1. Shame on you, you call yourself a nerd? :p
      2. Google it

  15. Perhaps, it’s not hard for him to manage them at all as he sees so clearly how each can contribute to his vision.

  16. As a Tesla investor there is no way I would want all of these entities under one ticker. Analysts can’t even model cars properly, let alone robots and robotaxis. Imagine auto analysts trying to put numbers in their spreadsheets for tunnels and brain implants and space travel. The stock would go nowhere. Plus, this Mars adventure is Elon’s baby and he needs to pay for it out of his own pocket. There is zero money in it, only infinite costs. Selling tickets to Mars is a joke, especially when you factor in the risks. They lose one starship with 100 souls aboard and it is over. What if they missed the window to come back? They’d be stuck there for 2 years with headlines every single day the whole time capitalizing on this monumental failure. It would push Elon over the edge. I’ll DM you with one other point nobody talks about.

    1. I hope Tsla shareholders will have the option to acquire or trade for other companies stocks under the same roof. I don’t mind to diversify a bit. I fully agree however you cannot put all these companies under one symbol.

  17. As all great leaders know, Elon Musk has surrounded himself with the most talented people from all fields. He leads and inspires them to do even greater things. One example is how quickly the Starlink software programmers were able to rewrite code preventing the Russians from jamming the Starlink system in Ukraine. Truely amazing what they can do.

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