Elon Musk fires Twitter management, completes takeover (Ep. 690)

Elon Musk has actually completed his acquisition of Twitter. What are Elon's plans for Twitter? Will Twitter be a success or not?

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Elon Musk fires Twitter management, completes takeover (Ep. 690)

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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the amazing videos as always!

    Do you think you could do a video in the future as if you would be pitching Tesla to a complete non-believer in the company? Essentially listing various reasons such as FSD or AGI that would convince anyone that Tesla is the future?

    Thought it’d be cool to see a stock pitch from someone as knowledgeable as yourself 🙂

  2. Elon is free to do as he pleases. God bless him. However as a Tesla fan it is very disconcerting to see his attention spread even thinner than it already is. Additionally, I seriously worry about his health and wellbeing. No person can continue to operate 24-7 forever. I simply don’t get Twitter. What a mess. He is a serious engineer and physicist. He should focus there. He himself admits that life is short and Tesla and SpaceX could easily take every moment of every day until the end of his time. Why spend this valuable time on a platform that is filled with millions of idiots hiding behind their fake names with nothing better to do than take potshots at others who are actually doing positive things in real life. Instead we should be reversing the damage of social media by getting people back into reality and in-person interactions. For every one Elon Musk, who uses Twitter as a way to communicate, learn about, and market key information and ideas around his different businesses, there are a million people who are nothing more than useless losers sitting, hidden, in front of their screens doling out hatred, misinformation, and useless garbage. We aren’t talking bots, we are talking about useless people who are almost always wrong, but never in doubt and happy to spend every waking moment drumming up discontent. That is what Elon wants to waste his time on? Social media is an echo chamber and the idea he can improve the situation by creating an even better echo chamber is a pipedream. I am happy to be proven wrong, but with social media, unlike the hard core science of Tesla & SpaceX, Elon and his wonderful idealism will meet upon the reality of human stench.

    1. Tesla and SpaceX are revolutionary, disruptive behemoths. Twitter is a website. Elon’s superpower is building top teams to do his bidding. Twitter will not distract him.

  3. He need the humanity in focus to achieve the multiplanetary…i think that’s is the purpose to acquire Twitter 🔥😎

  4. If he can find a technical fix for Twitter’s well known faults, I’d love to have a piece of that action. This would be another 10 X or more.

  5. Excellent overview. I think you nailed it with the WeChat reference. I’d bet that’s an example he’s considering, in how big and cross-genre Twitter could be, from chat to banking to scheduling etc. WeChat is nuts for how many roles it fulfills. Talk about engagement!

  6. Is there a possibility for Tesla stock holders to be rewarded with Twitter shares when it IPO again? Or is there a possibility for Tesla to incorporate Twitter ? Just curious. Anyway guys, I’d like to empower a few persons here with $2000 each

  7. I really liked the intro and context provided. 💯 true that a rational billionaire would aim to reduce stress and maintain wealth.

    But Elon is beyond just financially rational decisions, it’s about a higher goal for humanity that can’t be easily quantified in nickels and dimes.

    1. I don’t use Twitter, but if Elon can convert it to WeChat so that I can make purchases via QR then I might switch over

  8. I’m not on Twitter, but if Elon can fix it then I’ll join and signup for the premium service plan and I have the gut feeling that there are more people like me that have avoided social media platforms that would signup to a better version of Twitter.

  9. Thanks, Dave. One thing that you didn’t mention is how is Elon going to deal with racism, hatred, and calls of violence on Twitter. I like the idea that Stephen Mark Ryan mentioned of changing the sorting algorithms so that the user is empowered to view what they choose to view, as opposed to having the algorithms guess at what they should show the user. It’s unclear to me if that is a real issue on Twitter or not as I always choose exactly what I want to see on Twitter now.

    1. The only problem with that idea is that it also separates people into groups. If we divide society by many different opinions, I don’t think that is a good thing. I’d rather prefer something more sofisticated.

  10. Thanks Dave. You have taken a cloudy glass of water and helped the water to be clear. Joining your crowd, keep talking hope to see your videos on Twitter when Elon adds full video discourse possible.

  11. I can’t imagine how much headaches and stress Elon can hold running all these multi-billion companies. Pure RESPECT for him and I’d invest in #Twitter in a heartbeat if they go public again.

  12. Hey Dave, I love all the social reasons you gave for Elon buying Twitter. I couldn’t agree more. And he’ll make all changes you listed to turn Twitter into America’s WeChat and he’ll license the Twitter data stream to Tesla to further AI development. In a few years people will say that he underpaid for Twitter.

  13. Dave, this was a stunningly good analysis, and so in line with how I view Elon. Of course I like it very much.

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