Elon Musk drops a bombshell 🤯 (Ep. 481)

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $54.20/ share.

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Elon Musk drops a bombshell 🤯 (Ep. 481)

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  1. I have been looking forward to your take on this, Dave. Calm, collected, and factbased analysis.

    1. I agree however from a plebeian point of view I must admit that it is nice to be able to get the juicy news about business dealings instead of only the executives at Twitter and Wall Street receiving the news

  2. I’d love someone to interview Elon right now & ask, “why are you a free speech absolutist?” I’d love to here an in depth answer to this. I’m guessing it’s because of thinking in fundamental terms. At the very base of life, is the seeking of freedom. Perhaps the definition of life could be “to seek freedom”. So it totally rubs Elon the wrong way to hinder freedom, because he thinks in first principles. I like the future with more freedom. But how to navigate chaos then?! Who’s good at chaos magic lol. Do we need a real life Scarlet Witch? Ha! Excuse me, I’m an artist, my mind wonders.

  3. Supporting Elon 100%. He is a great humanitarian who puts his money where his mouth is. I have highest respect for this great visionary of our time.

    1. @peter the repeater mustard
      Having a voice dose release the speaker of the consequences of how that voice is used. There should be consequences.
      A responsible voice should not be silenced, like what Russia has endeavored to do with Ukraine and has failed.

  4. Thanks Dave. I guess there aren’t too many geniuses out there understood or predictable. Elon is brilliant, eccentric and operates on a level I personally seldom understand, but he has my respect. What guts. What a ride….each and every day…

  5. If this was 10 years ago, I would estimate starting a new platform would succeed. The problem we have now is that extreme positions of many splinter groups are constantly on the prowl for a platform that won’t censor them. Musk would be challenged with an initial influx of some of the most toxic opinions on the planet. Maybe to him that would not be an issue – true free speech. The secondary effect would unfortunately be the court of public opinion likely weighing negatively on him and thus everything he touches. Tesla stock might very well go down significantly. Federal busy bodying would go through the roof, as we all know how much they use him as a whipping boy. Can you imagine Warren and others if he sponsors media that goes back to the 4chan days? Btw, for the record, I lean towards free speech. I’m simply suggesting that the modern American milieu does not.

  6. I don’t personally care about Twitter, never had an account and never will. I just hope Elon doesn’t put himself into a corner with the SEC again. They are looking for any excuse to get him…

  7. I think it is likely that Elon will continue to buy shares until he has 51% himself or with partnership of a others. I think he is doing it right now in as large a blocks as possible.

    1. Agree. If Elon really is doing this he has already accumulated many more shares than his original purchase.

  8. I haven’t a clue what the most likely specific outcome is, but I’m confident Elon Musk is several steps ahead of everyone else on his plans, and that those plans have a better-than-average chance of succeeding (despite his penchant for doing things he says are “likely to fail”). He is moving the needle, so that level of success is ALREADY achieved.

    1. Elon needs twiter, why? well, Think about the future.
      He will use twiter to train OPTIMUS AI the same way he is using already made roads to train FSD.
      That will be OPTIMUS school for human interaction. Also remember, NEURALINK will be the intarface.
      OBVIOUSLY Elon thinks about the future a few years ahead of us… always, and he always wins 😉
      Never about the money but to make things right.

    2. @cristian boretto Well, training for AI generally, and used by Optimus in some form (likely). Humans (especially at first) are going to balk at humanoid robots displaying far greater intelligence (of some types) than themselves, so Tesla may opt to keep Optimus artificially weak-minded (at least to the humans it encounters) to mitigate this obvious pitfall. Time will tell.

    3. Starting from zero. Tesla doesn’t have the decades of baggage other legacy auto makers have to juggle.

      Honda GM EV seems to represent where the dinosaurs will flock until chapter 11, merging, acquisition, government bailouts.

      Meanwhile Tesla is trucking along Giga printing money with ever improving profit margins.

  9. Elon has in effect capped the share price. He can now buy contolling interest in Twitter at his own pace.

    1. The problem is that he has also capped Tesla stock price. Not only he has capped Tesla stock price as he has put a downward pressure for Tesla.

  10. It’s interesting to see the hit on Tesla stock over this considering that Musk could get financing with only a small portion of his Tesla shares as collateral. He is attempting to buy an asset with a non-zero value (Twitter) of which he already has a 9% stake. He would only have to cover another 11% or so out of pocket (or from margin loan on Tesla shares). He could also convince a few of the other investors to come along with him. The narrative that he would have to sell Tesla shares is wrong.

  11. Love the coverage and rooting for the purchase of twitter. Can finally make a massive push against toxic mob rule in big tech (cancel culture) and establish a viable town square with the pillar of free speech.

  12. Elon Musk said it today himself – “ I don’t want to blow your mind, but I’m not always right”

    1. Yes, No human beings are perfect and humans make mistakes. The thing that matters is correcting mistakes and not repeating it.

  13. He guided his team to build the 3 most advanced rockets, I think he can get people to build a new Twitter easily enough.

  14. Hi Dave, great video as always. Could you also talk about How Elon would collect the 42B in cash for buyout. Would he need to sell Tsla stock again? Thanks!

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