Beating Wall Street at Their Own Game (Ep. 750)

I discuss a high-risk, high-reward investment strategy concentrated on acknowledging the potential of groundbreaking products before they affect a company's monetary declarations.

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Beating Wall Street at Their Own Game (Ep. 750)

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  1. I hope you and your family are doing well, Dave.
    I’m really happy that you’ve been releasing new videos recently.

  2. Robots are just very sophisticated machines, of course we’ll integrate them into society as we have with every other labor saving device.
    I’m holding.

  3. I recently made further purchases. Saving for a market slump is also a bad idea. There are different perspectives on recessions and depressions; we cannot always expect significant rewards; and taking risks is preferable to doing nothing. The bottom line is that by diversifying your portfolio and making sensible judgments, you will accomplish exceptional outcomes. In just 5 months, my portfolio’s raw earnings increased by $608k.

    1. Despite my conviction in your direction, my recent stock purchases, and the fact that I am an AMC shareholder, I have not been able to amass anything. I had been in debt for far too long before the collapse. What are the steps required in investing?

    2. I completely agree, which is why I think it’s important to delegate decision-making responsibility to an investment coach. Underperformance is essentially unimaginable given their specialized experience and education, as well as the fact that each of their skills is focused on harnessing risk for its asymmetrical potential and controlling it as a buffer against certain unfavorable events.
      Working with an investment coach for over two years, l’ve made over $1.5 million.

    3. That is incredible! If he’s this talented and has A-list skills, I’d like to speak with him. Even when I clone transactions using a MAM account, I continue to lose 20% of the time. Where can I locate his contact information?

  4. Would be great to see your price/market cap prediction for this product and what you think wall street would price it at. what are their criteria’s and indicators (though lagging) for Market cap change? Bot deliveries? will these bots be used at Tesla first? thus effecting EV productivity (potentially slowing it down at first) before bot being exposed to the mass market? How will that be priced in? will Bots just be the Elephant in the room?

  5. Yup, agreed. I am in the tech space and I see the huge potential of the products… calculated bet, as you say.

  6. Wall Street plays many games, and I’ve only beaten them over time at one game, and that’s called “the long game.” Wall Street can be beat at the “long game” because that really isn’t their game. Wall Street’s “game” is day trading, short term trading, quarterly numbers obsessing, and most importantly trading and investing other people’s money and collecting fees from those people.

  7. Just be wary of good deals getting the cheaper #2 competitor aka Nikola, Nio etc just because you missed out on those early gains.

  8. Forget Wall Street. It is hard to train them to understand new technology of any kind? The reason is that it requires a basic and sometimes advanced understanding of multiple disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  9. Love having your insights as usual. This one is particularly important as it keeps a big picture of what’s ahead. Thank you

  10. Yep! It is what I did in may/june 2019 when I first invested in Tesla, in hind sight Tesla was at its bottom of the past 10 years or so! so a very good entry point..

    But I keep on adding to my Tesla investment (DCA) because I see Tesla do 10X again in just a couple years, once the sales of the compact car take off and the same time Tesla Robots start to take over boring, dangerous jobs.. this HAS to show up in the financials and ultimately in the stock price. If FSD gets solved and robotaxi networks start to roll out… al bets are starts to get really scary what Tesla can become in just a few years from now.. Apple and Aramco combined, could show up as sandbagging!

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