Apple is coming after Tesla (Ep. 611)

Can Apple catch Tesla?

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Apple is coming after Tesla (Ep. 611)

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  1. Apple Car if it happens it won’t compete against Tesla. They’re here for lux market. Period.

  2. eh yea i run apple car play on an aftermarket head unit in my 20 year old BMW. I think it will take more than infotainment to take on tesla…btw reading canbus into a head unit is not new.

  3. I have a feeling Apple will trigger Tesla to also getting into phone business 🤣🤣🤣. I love where we are headed. You come for my market I come for yours

  4. I like my iPhone but I’m not a fan of CarPlay.. also how will Apple integrate this to all car manufacturers to the same level as Tesla. Apple is starting to look like Android for cars

  5. After spending billions of dollars / tons of time, this is what Apple came out with. Not impressed. Tesla is way ahead.

    1. What is it that you are missing with this Apple carplay? cause knowing how well apple integrates OS i think it will be quite impressive

  6. If my Apple Watch knows when I’m sleeping, will Apple’s Car Play start pumping up the music and turn up the A/C.
    Or if I’m aggravated by some BMW driver (you know who you are), will Apple Car Play put on some Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.

  7. People keep saying that Apple should get into manufacturing cars. They could. I just personally wished they would re-revolutionize computers. I’m glad they did what they did with the M1 chips. However, I know how OS’s and software can be redone from the ground up in a way no one has done before. I guess, like neural networks, it will just take time before people realize it.

  8. I see a lot of comments trashing Apple for this. I really see a huge market for them in this field. It doesn’t have to happen immediately and I can see a lot of car manufacturers actually love the idea of Apple taking care of the driver interface with updates and beautiful graphics etc. while they can focus building cars. As time goes by more care will be integrated and able to interact with this platform (steering and braking control) to a point that it will be more like AP and then FSD when more sensors will be deployed in new cars.
    Also, Tesla system will never be licensed to other manufacturers so I think this is a great move for Apple and it certainly has a huge potential market!

  9. Tesla needs to come out with the Tesla Pi as a satellite phone. I hate the apple phone and don’t really like how cellular technology has so many dead spots around the world.

  10. Apple doing a CarOS makes a lot of sense because with the exception of Tesla no automaker has the necessary software capability.

  11. That is smart from Apple, then they collect all types of information on driving habits, engines reactions, steering, etc. and then could at minimum sell software to all those carmakers that don’t hold a candle to Tesla’s and if Apple decides to enter manufacturing will be able to basically tap into all that data collected from all those car manufacturers, who basically just let the wolf in the hen house! .

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